Amazing Pictures of Infiniti Q60 Leaked Before Official Detroit Show Reveal

After spending a lot of time watching the leaked pictures of camouflaged cars, this year seems fun because majority of them are of cars in all their glory. The Infiniti Q60 scheduled for the Detroit Auto Show reveal is the next to join the list. The show is already underway, but leaks just don’t stop.

Official pictures of the vehicle from the photoshoot have leaked online. It’s not just the pictures, but some technical specification as well. The car is a direct competitor to the likes of Audi A5, Mercedes C Class Coupe, Lexus, but it is quite unique on its own in terms of design and brand value.


The upcoming Infiniti Q60 will be powered by a 3.0-liter twin turbo V6 engine rendering a cool 400 bhp power while those who wish to keep the top speed of the car lower can opt for the 300 bhp version. The engine is the same, but it has been tuned and downgraded to make it a more commuter friendly vehicle. There’s 475 Nm of torque in the basic model and the underpowered variant will deliver 400 Nm of torque.

Another variant of the Infiniti Q60 will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, which renders a much lower 208 bhp. The car will be equipped with a seven speed automatic gearbox system. Buyers can choose to have an all-wheel drive in their version of the car while everyone will receive the rear wheel drive version by default.

The concept car version was slightly bigger than the one that the team has showed us during previous auto shows. It is sleek, has a seamless finish with a sharp rear end similar to Porsche cars. At the same time, the designers have managed to make it look like an everyday car so that you could take it to the office without standing out of the crowd. It has a nice balance between sporty looks and usability.


Just a single picture of the Infiniti Q60 has got leaked before the Detroit show. Once the automobile manufacturer officially launches the car at the event, we will be able to show you a lot of images of the car. Besides, they will also be revealing more technical information about the vehicle. It is not confirmed whether the brand will talk about pricing in different regions, but with the release date close by, they probably would announce that as well to convince people to wait for the launch.

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