An All-Electric Supercar from Corvette, Bring it On!

Not everyone is going to own a Corvette when it launches, but that hardly matters, because when we have supercars that use electric motors, it is more than news to excite the car enthusiast in us.

The latest trademark filings from the company that makes some of the best sports cars in the world confirmed that an all-electric power vehicle is going to hit the stores. It may be another two years or so for them to actually bring it to the buyers, but another source indicates it won’t be longer than 2017.


General Motors, the company which owns a lot of car manufacturers including Corvette has filed a trademark. According to the filing, they have registered for the name ‘Corvette E-Ray’.  It doesn’t need any explanation because the trademark obviously points towards an upcoming vehicle. The slang E always refers to electric in the world of automobiles. The rage is on with Tesla experiencing ultimate success and super car makers following suit is the obvious next step in evolution.

The only catch is that we are not sure whether GM is looking forward to launching a fully electric vehicle that could beat Tesla on the road. They may even choose to opt for a hybrid powertrain or a plug-in model in order to appease those who still prefer gasoline as their primary fuel.

Apart from the E-Ray, the company has also registered for the name Corvette Manta Ray. By digging deeper, it has been revealed that GM is working on multiple versions of their cars in order to sound appealing to a wide range of luxury supercar buyers. The Manta will be the most conventional car in the list, which uses a petrol engine, while the E-ray will be a more advanced version with plug-in or all-electric options.

While some believe that just because filing a trademark doesn’t mean they have to create an electric car, it is obvious that the automobile industry is struggling with emission regulations. European manufacturers have already adopted electric motors as the go to solution and the Volkswagen issue has nailed the final blow on diesel engine’s coffin.


Every company is trying to adapt to the situation including Chevrolet, Nissan and even Porsche. All of them have displayed considerable interest in creating hybrid vehicles or go with totally electric motors that have great range. It wouldn’t be surprising if GM decides to do the same with their Corvette brand in the near future.

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