Apple and Google Compete to Create Driverless Cars; Tesla Expert Joins Apple

Apple is exceptionally interested in the world of cars, automatic cars to be precise. The company’s CEO recently visited BMW and here’s another update that confirms they are investing in the platform.

Jamie Carlson, who worked as an autopilot firmware engineer at Tesla has changed his LinkedIn profile to reflect his new job. According to his profile, Carlson is working on a special project for Apple and obviously a person who has already worked with Tesla is not going to work on the smartphones, right? He might probably be helping the company build their next driverless car.

Driverless Cars

Apple has hired a whole lot of experts in the industry, including Megan McClain, Vinay Palkkode, Paul Furgale and Xianqiao Tong. Each one of them is strongly related to the automated car technology one way or the other. Even though, the iPhone maker is one of the largest technology giants in the world, the company lacks the professional expertise they require to enter the automotive market which is why they are seeking help.

Rumors continue to mount up and from their actions; it is clear that the Cupertino Company is working on a car project. It could be automated driverless cars, but that might be a big leap for them, which also adds a lot of customer end issues. When you launch a car, it is mandatory to provide technical support, service spots and an exclusive showroom to view the models. As this is a complex job, Apple may tie up with one of the luxury car makers like Audi, BMW, Ferrari or someone similar to make it possible.

Instead of bringing an iCar, they will add their new found technology to the vehicles and launch them in the market. Meanwhile, the now Alphabet owned company – Google is years ahead in self-driving car technology. The search engine giant has strong support with their mapping app which allows the vehicle to easily navigate on their own. Besides, they have already successfully completed hundreds of miles with the autonomous cars with minimal accidents, mostly those caused by the other humans.

Google Driverless Car

While car manufacturers are finding it extremely tough to convince buyers to go for hybrid and electric vehicles, it is to be seen how Apple and Google may convince them to buy a car that moves on its own. Creating a future with autonomous and probably flying cars need to start somewhere. Probably, it could begin in a year or so when both companies officially launch their products.

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