Apple Car Aims to be a Possibility by 2024, An All EV Autonomous Vehicle

Apple surprised everyone in the technology industry by manufacturing their own chipset in 2020. They are possibly going to surprise the automobile industry if they manage to actually launch an electric vehicle by 2024.

But, the company is planning to go really big because they are planning to make a fully autonomous vehicle if rumors are to be believed.

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Being a trillion dollar company in the world is no easy task because investors expect them to make the best big move. While Apple has already stepped into multiple areas in technology, the automobile industry is fairly new. Besides, the stream of electric cars is something people are not familiar with and Tesla is possibly the only new player. Major brands like Volkswagen or BMW are relatively new to this tech-driven car manufacturing which is what bringing in other brands from a completely different zone into this industry.

Production Rumors in 2024

According to insider sources or we could rather call them rumors, Apple will begin production of these fully autonomous, electric cars from 2024 onwards. With major automobile brands focusing on a possible 2025 launch for their new range of electric cars, it seems Apple is following the same route. They are looking forward to bring in their models along with others so that they can compete on a balanced market rather than being too early or too late to the party.

In the past, they have already managed to acquire a company that was failing but was also trying to build a self-driving vehicle. Fully autonomous is a dream for most companies because of the endless list of issues associated with it. However, if a technology giant like Apple would make the step and build a car, they could possibly overcome a lot of issues that Tesla and other manufacturers face currently.

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When Elon Musk came to know of their plans, he openly commented on Twitter about their research work. The brand is working on a monocell battery which will allow cars to cover longer distances without being bulky in design. He further added that Tesla has already implemented something similar in their smaller cars being built in China.

Musk further added that Apple approached to purchase his Tesla brand back in 2013 but the plans didn’t reach its final stages. It seems he is still interested in the prospect especially because of the fact that their EVs are far more sophisticated and ready to be upgraded when Apple could support the R&D with their financial prowess.

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