Apple Car Could Be Out by 2021 With a $75,000 Price Tag

It’s purely a sensational speculation at the moment but there is plenty of information associated with it. The rumor mills claimed that Apple Car is being built which we already know because the company hired all the top executives from every automobile manufacturer.

The speculated car might probably get launched in 2021 which is a long way to go and the possible pricing for the model is $75,000 or above. Apple is known for pricing its products way about the market range. Products like Mac and iPads have always been on the higher despite featuring some cheaper components when compared to their competitors. The same trend should continue with the Apple Car as well but it is also touted to feature the best innovative ideas of all time.

Apple iCar

Named as Project Titan, the car is obviously going to be fully electric. The company has already hired the best people from Tesla to make it totally free from gasoline engines. By cutting down emissions, Apple can easily ship the vehicle to different parts of the globe without any restrictions. The challenge is to achieve maximum miles possible on a single charge which the engineers are working at the moment.

The information came from Gene Munster, an analyst from an investment firm. He conversed with many fans of the brand and said that the company might probably launch it in 2021 while a proto type could be shown earlier by 2019. By showing the car earlier, Apple plans to generate hype in the automobile industry and to withhold sales so as to make buyers go for their products while ignoring their competitors’ offerings.

While Munster added that Apple has a 60% chance to actually build an Apple Car, the confirmation of Project Titan and the company hiring top executives for mammoth salary packages seal the deal. After investing so much in researching an electric car with possible autonomous capabilities, there is hardly any reason as to why the company would ditch the idea for no reason.

Apple iCar 1

At the moment, there are no leaks or rumors related to the Apple Car but it won’t be long before information start pouring in. The brand is definitely working on a new technology and with cars becoming more like gadgets, it is no wonder companies like Google and Apple are interested in making one so as to sustain their position in the market. Ford, Nissan and other big players are adopting newer tech so as to not lose it to Tech companies.

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