Apple Car May Launch in the Near Future with BMW’s Technology

The most happening news at the moment is Tim Cook’s visit to BMW’s manufacturing plant in Leipzig. The news was first published by a German magazine named the Manager Magazin.

According to the cover feature of the magazine, the CEO of Apple was impressed by the way BMW works. They spent a long time in the factory understanding the methods used to build the futuristic i3 electric cars. BMW, even though extremely happy with this visit, was really skeptical about allowing Apple to know all their business secrets. The company is completely against the idea of becoming a supplier if, the technology giant ever decides to launch a car of their own.

Apple BMW Electric Car

One of the things that impressed Apple at the BMW plant is their futuristic approach in making cars. They have abandoned the traditional manufacturing techniques which are largely dependent on people and supplies. The new methods allow them to build electronic cars in less than three days in a fully automated factory. It might have been ten days or more, if the car manufacturer had followed the traditional methods, which are quite outdated by now.

Apple is interested in releasing electronic cars of their own, which probably will be known as ‘Apple Car’. It’s not possible to do it on their own unless a premium manufacturer like BMW supports them. The magazine also added that BMW has agreed to supply parts to Apple, if required and has laid out some of their terms.

Instead of creating human driven cars, Apple is highly interested in creating self-driving electric cars. Google has already reached there and plenty of autonomous cars are roaming the streets of United States at the moment. Accidents are rare and even when they happen the human drivers are actually to be blamed in majority of the cases. Google is stuck in a situation, where they are unable to launch the consumer versions for a lot of their innovative products including cars and Google Glass.

Apple Car

However, being one of the strongest technology companies in the world, Apple is more than capable of bringing it to the general public. BMW, on the other hand clearly understands that it is impossible to further make their cars more sophisticated, without support from a software company. A mutual association is expected to help both the companies realize their dreams. If Apple goes beyond its iPhones and Macs, it probably has a chance to make the world go crazy about the brand one more time in the post Steve Jobs era.

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