Apple Car May Soon be on the Cards, Sources Reveal

Apple is with no doubt a huge name in the technology world. However, most of Cupertino’s heroics are evident in the computing world.

Millions of American citizens use iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks and a series of other products from Apple; however, it seems the company is working on something new for its enthusiasts.

Apple electric carEven though Apple has not made its intentions about going into the car business public, there will always be news when this company eyes other businesses in the auto industry. According to a new report that appeared in the Manager Magazine, a monthly German business publication, Apple has shown some serious interest in using BMW’s i3 electric car in a bid to lay the foundations for its very own electric car model.

The magazine reveals that a number of senior Apple officials took time to visit the production line of BMW i3 which is located in a place called Leipzig in Germany and they also took some good time to study the carbon-fiber construction of the vehicle’s body. There is nothing more than this that the magazine puts forward in this latest report. However, just like with the past cases revolving around electric cars from Apple, this can be regarded as another of the many rumors that have been flooding the internet in the recent past. On the contrary, what is clear is that Apple has put in a place a workforce that is excellent in the auto engineering field.

There are also a number of vehicle registration details that have been brought forward by KPIX and they somehow point back to Apple. These vehicles are quite unique, thanks to the camera mounted on the roof that has been installed on them, something that only fuels the rumors of the company coming up with electric cars in the near future. The latest visit to the BMW plant also adds to the current evidence that Apple is working on something associated with cars; however, until news comes in from the company – which never comes – it will be better to treat any news regarding Apple car as a rumor.

Apple car

There are chances that the visit could just be meant for the radio as Apple has in the past announced that BMW will be among its many partners, as far as the company’s CarPlay system is concerned. Despite this revelation, there is no new BMW model in the market that has this phone connectivity suite installed at the factory. In addition, this suite is not limited to BMW as there are Ferrari models that have already been incorporated with this CarPlay suite.

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