Apple is Taking a Page Out of BMW i3 for its Secret Car

It is no secret that Apple is working on a project for a dream car. The project, codenamed “Project Titan” has been in the rumors for the past few years.

Now, a visit to the BMW factory only puts more steam to the rumors that the German car manufacturer and the Cupertino based company are working together.

Apple electric car BMW i8

The latest report comes from a German magazine, the Manager Magazine. According to the magazine, representatives from Apple visited the BMW factory in Leipzig. Rumors are, even Apple’s CEO Tim Cook attended the meeting.

A year ago, Apple and BMW started working in secret, with negotiations and meetings kept secret. According to many rumors, Apple is interested in the rights for the BMW i3 body. Rumors are Apple would love to use the same carbon fiber body for its dream car. The mystery car Apple is working on should be an electric car, and the i3 is one of the best on the market that the tech company can copycat.

The reports that the car manufacturer and Apple are working together started surfacing in March this year. The initial report was by another German automotive magazine. But negotiations were broken shortly after. However, even though the negotiations regarding usage rights for the i3 body were broken, the two companies kept talking in secret.

In the meantime, Apple has hired numerous engineers from Automobile companies such as General Motors, Ford, and Tesla. The company also managed to pry over former Senior VP of Chrysler, Doug Betts who was also serving as the global head of operations for product quality and service.

Apple’s dream scenario is to have the electric car ready by 2020. However, there are no confirmations, rumors about specs, performances or even pictures of anything possible.

Apple BMW electric car

Another possible rumor is that Apple has visited BMW’s factory to discuss another project the two companies run together. The product in question is the CarPlay phone connectivity, a product for which the software has yet to ship to a BMW car. However, the product is not exclusive for BMW, as two Ferrari models already have it installed.

The reports for an Apple electric car first surfaced at the beginning of the year, when reports broke that hundreds of employees were working on the “Project Titan”. The project was approved by Tim Cook a year back.

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