Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

Apple is working on its own electric car project named the Titan and in order to make it a possibility, they have acquired hundreds of employees and key persons from Tesla which is said to be the reason for Model X being delayed.

Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and has set an insanely high benchmark for everyone to follow. The company was the first to have accomplished in the EV market by creating cars that could go 300 miles on a single charge. They have been working on the Model X SUV for years now, but the car has been delayed multiple times. While the reasons are plenty, inside sources claim Apple is one of the important reasons that slowed down Tesla.

Apple Project Titan

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla openly said that Apple Inc. has been luring employees from their company by offering them a 60 percent pay raise which is something unheard of in the corporate world. Besides, they have also been offering a solid $250,000 bonus if they choose to leave their current company and join them. When the grass is greener on the other side, it is obvious that employees want to switch over. Key personalities including engineers, designers and battery experts have jumped to Apple which led to chaos in the development process of the Model X.

However, there are some other reasons as well. Tesla Model X is the first fully electric SUV that aims to break a lot of barriers. The company wants to add towing capacity to it which is impossible on an electric motor because it heats up and loses a lot of power. A fix is being developed for the same. Similarly, the SUV features falcon wings where the doors open up and stay there. But, there isn’t enough sealing which has raised safety concerns.

Tesla is working to fix them all and create an all-new benchmark in the world of electric cars. They added that they don’t wish to launch a mediocre Model X, but rather spend time to come up with the perfect car. Meanwhile, Apple has at least 1000 people working on their Project Titan EV car and the company’s CEO recently visited the BMW’s manufacturing plant.

It is unclear whether Apple wants to launch their own car or work with car makers to integrate their technology. Trying to move from being a tech giant into the automobile industry is not an easy task, but we may have to wait until an official word comes out.

One thought on “Apple Sabotaged Tesla’s Model X to build its EV Car – Project Titan

  1. Elon can be so humorous at times!

    “offering them a 60 percent pay raise which is something unheard of in the corporate world.”, but that is normal wages in the normal corporate world. We understand it’s not a stratup practice to pay your emloyees well, and it is no wonder that after years of working like a jerbil, places like Faraday Futures, Apple, Google and more are very, very appealling.

    I admire what Musk is doing, but happy workers well paid is not something you find very often at Tesla.

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