Apple Watch Exclusivity Ends, Sales in Best Buy Begins this August

Apple has decided to step out of its comfort zone and launch the Apple Watch in other stores as well.

In the past, customers could have a look at it only at their designated stores and then place an order online. Apple has always wanted to keep stocks at a minimum and refrained from selling it through other retailers so far.

The exclusivity continued for several months until now. The company has confirmed that they are ready to launch the product at Best Buy stores. It is one of the prominent retail chains in the United States that sells electronic goods.

Apple Watch Sales Best Buy August 7

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, earlier commented that the company expects the smartwatch to witness phenomenal sales in this holiday season. He didn’t reveal that they are going to make it possible by launching their product with the biggest retail chain in the country. Compared to walking into an Apple store and then ordering it online, it is an easier option for anyone to walk into Best Buy and buy a Sports edition for $300.

The electronic retail chain will start selling the product from August 7. The company’s senior category officer, Jason Bonfig said that they are extremely pleased to have such an exquisite device being added to their product category.

“Customers are always looking forward to buy new and fancy items. An emerging product category is mandatory for our store to stay ahead of competition. We believe that the Apple Watch will be an important addition, right before the holiday season begins,” he said.

Even though Apple didn’t reveal the exact number of watches they have sold, analysts predict that at least three million devices could have been sold so far. Before Apple Watch’s launch, Samsung was the market leader and had 75% of the market share. Apple has now acquired the position and before the end of 2015, the company expects to boost their share up to 85%.

Apple Watch Sales Best Buy

Apple, in its financial call for quarterly earnings reported that the company has sold more smart watches than the iPhones and iPads. The company has made over $13.23 billion in China and has $202 billion in cash at the moment despite failing to satisfy estimated forecasts.

Tim Cook is extremely positive about this launch even though critics claim that it is a failure for Apple because the Apple Watch neither substitutes a smartphone nor a smart standalone device that users could rely on. It was criticized as a gimmick that didn’t offer value to customers but sales record say otherwise.

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