Aston Martin Is Building The AM-RB 001 Hypercar To Beat F1 Race Cars

Aston Martin is building the AM-RB 001 hypercar in association with Red Bull and it will be on par with the performance of any F1 race car.

am-rb 001

The expertise Red Bull has with its formula one team is being shared with Aston Martin that plays an integral role in helping them build such a powerful car. It is supposed to be as fast as a F1 car on the road bringing a new benchmark for the term hyper car. Besides, the brand has also planned to launch two different versions of the car – one designed exclusively for the race track while another road version. The latter will be powered down so that you could actually take it to the streets without violating traffic rules.

Two big personalities are coming together to build this car – Marek Reichman from Aston Martin and Adrian Newey from Red Bull are going to work together to achieve the numbers. The car will be powered by a V12 engine. The weight of the car will be balanced with the power generated by the engine in a 1:1 basis allowing it to reach some phenomenal speeds. It is also confirmed that the V12 will render about 900 horsepower which will be matched with the 900 kilograms, supposed to be the overall weight of the AM-RB 001.

Track version of the same model will have some significant changes made including a new aero kit, better acceleration and body kits. The car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just two seconds. The top speed of the model is pegged at 200 miles per hour. The entire bodywork of the car is made to downforce at high speed to maintain stability. A new suspension system is made to sync with the aero setup.

aston martin am-rb 001

Aston Martin and Red Bull will produce very limited numbers for the AM-RB 001 hyper car. It will be just 100 models and the pricing is going to be extremely expensive, confirmed Aston Martin’s CEO Andy Palmer.

“We are really excited about where this is heading and gives us enough scope to explore with the ideas. When we do so, we can see what our engineers are capable of. Partnering with Red Bull is such an amazing experience and the new car will surely live up to the hype, obviously being on the expensive side. We look forward to it,” Palmer said during the meet.

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