Aston Martin CEO Strongly Believes Electric Cars will Overtake the Diesel Space

Car enthusiasts and industry analysts have already been claiming that diesel cars have too much emission issues which is why plug-in hybrids are the future.

When the same statement comes from a credible source, in this case, the Chief Executive Officer of Aston Martin one of the most beloved luxury car manufacturers in the world, no one can refute it. The automobile industry is undergoing a major change and industry watchers are quite aware of it all.


Almost every manufacturer has a plug-in hybrid at the moment, but the problem is their reduced mileage and reliance on gasoline motors. On the other hand, a relatively new maker Tesla entered the competition like storm and beat every century old company to become the top player in the electric car segment.

Taking these things into account, Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, speaking to Bloomberg, said that he strongly believes in the concept of electric cars and opined that they are going to be the future for the automobile industry. Diesel cars face criticism from every angle, especially after Volkswagen rigged their cars to pass emission tests and this might probably be the end of these cars as customers will start avoiding them in their future purchases.

“Instead of reducing the capacity of a gasoline engine in order to comply with emission regulations, it is a better option to go with an electric motor powered by a battery. It will allow Aston Martin to reduce carbon emissions without having to compromise in terms of performance”, added Palmer.

The CEO spoke in-depth about adopting this brand new technology and confirmed that Aston Martin will always be a V-12 engine company. They have no plans to downgrade and in order to sustain at the same position, he explained that going with electricity is the best way to acquire that power. It gives the required amount of torque for the car to function as expected.

Aston Martin Electric Cars

The predicted price tag for the car is at $200,000 to $250,000 which is not just expensive but a price tag that will simply push most buyers to some other brand. But, the CEO clarified that the team has no idea to compromise in this regard because creating an electric car takes a lot of investment. Besides, they have the task to deliver performance, comfort and reliability of a gasoline car in a brand new technology which is possible only when investments are made.

He added that diesel cars will die a slow death.

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