Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre Goes for Auction

Aston Martin made the DB9, which is a stylish, luxury sedan, made popular by the Bond series.

They didn’t make a new version for a long time until now. The DB11 is getting ready for a public launch.


However, if you have been wondering why the company didn’t have a DB10 first, you are probably not in the loop. They did make the car to follow up with the DB9, but made it exclusive for the James Bond movie Spectre. The movie got released last year and with the shooting done, the only one car available in the world is not up for auction.

Throughout the past, Aston Martin has a habit of keeping the cars they used for movies with the company. Those special edition vehicles featured in James Bond films or any other flicks will not make its way to the auction table. Things have changed this time around, as they expect to make at least 1 million pounds out of the auction.

The DB10 is powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine one of the most powerful ones around and uses a six speed manual gearbox system. The car mainly uses carbon fiber materials which makes it much lighter than the previous models. The decreased weight contributes to the aerodynamics of the car, its stability and provides more space for the designers to integrate safety features in it.

Those who have seen the movie Spectre would have witnessed the DB10 in one of the epic stunt sequences. Bond, in an attempt to escape his enemies, will jump into the car and will be pursued by another villain. While the scene lasts for a few seconds, the way it has been shot is simply amazing.

Aston Martin is getting ready to launch the DB11 and the DB10 is considered more of a preview for their technical prowess before the V8 Vantage is announced. The powerful supercar is scheduled for public reveal in 2017 which is a good year to go before we could talk about its specifications and on-road performance.


A surprising inside fact is that it was not only the engineers at Aston Martin, but the producers of Spectre and Sam Mendes, director of the Daniel Craig’s Bond film also had a part to play in its designing. They provided a slew of suggestions to make it exclusive and look impressive on screen. It looks like the result was as expected and now auctioning it would reap further benefits.

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