Aston Martin DB11 Photo Leaked Online by Twitter User

In a surprising update, a Twitter user has leaked an image of the upcoming Aston Martin DB11 car in person before the official reveal could take place.


The manufacturer is really keen on keeping things wrapped up until the big reveal. The last successful launch was the Aston Martin DB9 after which there was no DB10 except for the one featured in the latest Bond movie. It became an exclusive launch that only select buyers could buy for an exorbitant pricing.


With years of hard work put into it, the designers and engineers have come up with a lot of innovative ideas for the DB11. After all, the car is all set to get launched with much fanfare because of the long gap it had to its predecessor.


The official launch date for the Aston Martin DB11 is closing by and the company probably had a private meeting with some of the potential buyers as well as car enthusiasts. The Twitter user under the name RubyB001 has captured a picture of the car live and has posted it on his social media account.


It is not sure whether the brand will be annoyed for users doing things before their official launch or just let it be a viral marketing stunt before they showcase professional photographers of the next gen super car.


On the inside, the DB11 is powered by a 5.2-liter V12 twin turbo engine. The engine is manufactured in-house by the company with specific tweaks and modifications done to achieve unique sounds that can only be experienced in an Aston Martin car. It allows the brand to enjoy an exclusivity that their patrons have come to live throughout the years.


The car is constructed on the VH aluminum platform and electrical components are supplied by AMG. The partnership is expected to give Aston Martin the winning edge over their competitors and make the Bond car famous one more time for current generation buyers. Compared to the previous launches, the new car is extremely lightweight with great performance and a sleek sports car design.



The idea is to offer a vehicle which is equally appealing to young buyers as well as long time DB fans who like the car for what it is. The brand has gone with an innovative approach in every perspective in order to matter in a world where electric cars are slowly gaining traction. They may join the EV bandwagon too in due time.

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