Aston Martin DB9 is going to be DB11, Brand Boss Confirms

While players were expecting the Aston Martin DB9 to be followed by a powerful and more stylish DB10, the company’s boss has a different claim to make.

Andy Palmer, the head who is the key person behind Aston Martin’s decisions, confirmed that its success is going to be the DB11. If you are not a fan of the brand yet find this model number extremely familiar, you are not alone. The DB10 is making news recently because it’s the official vehicle used in the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre and has some mind blowing action sequences where you could watch the DB10 tumbling and rolling before its official launch.

Aston Martin db9

However, Aston Martin DB11 is not going to be out at least until 2016. Talking about the car and the upcoming launches, Andy Palmer said that this one will be among the first in a huge list of sport cars and crossovers that the brand is gearing up to launch.

“We would have replaced almost every car in our garage before this decade ends and there will be at least three new models to give the customers more choices to pick from”, said Palmer, in a confident tone. He also added that these models that they are planning to launch in the coming years are not going to differ from one another; some minor differences will be there, but will have distinct design variants and performance.

It’s good to know that Aston Martin is keen on offering something new with every vehicle rather than rehashing the same designs over and over again. The wait is however going to be long, because, according to the company’s boss, they are aiming to complete the launches before 2020 which is a solid five years to go.

Palmer said that the DB10 is a good example of how Aston Martin wants to build their future cars. A lot of design aspects will be replicated from the car to future launches, but the DB11 will be completely different. Instead of narrow flush lights and undercut grille used in the existing Bond car, the new DB11 will have prominent headlights coupled with a taller nose.

007 Bond Edition DB9 GT

The interiors will be full of leather as Aston Martin cars have always been because the company opines that it is something expected of them from their buyers. The TFT screen infotainment system will be completely rehashed, while physical specs will drastically vary from one model to another.

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