Aston Martin Leaves A Mark With Vantage GT12 Roadster At Goodwood Festival

Aston Martin GT12 was an insane announced last year that simply made car lovers go awe.

When we thought things couldn’t get any better, the brand jumped into the Goodwood festival with a Vantage GT12 Roadster.

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster

The reveal is as exciting as expected and definitely made the event worthy of its name. Goodwood festival of speed has always been the spot where car makers showcase their best and most prominent models of them all. It already served its purpose from the top players around the globe leaving their mark. The Roadster is very much like the Vantage GT3 but the interior is significantly different from it. It is not as sporty or brutal as it is in the GT3 but is unique in its own style.

Compared to the previous models, the Vantage GT12 has lost significant weight. It is 220 pounds lesser than the V12 Vantage S which obviously makes it faster on the road and leads to better aerodynamics. Aston Martin is yet to share details with regards to the powertrain used in the new Vantage GT12 Roadster.With no official information, all we can do at the moment is assume that it will share technical details with the hardtop variant.

A GT3 inspired suspension is used in the Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster. It makes it possible for the designer to offer the lowest ride ever provided in the model. A brand new tweaked version of the aerodynamic kit is used which is linked to carbon ceramic brakes for maximum control over the car when riding at top speed.

Aston Martin Vantage GT12 Roadster Interior

A 6.0-liter V12 engine is expected to be used in the GT12 variant. We can’t confirm the same until an official announcement is made. It will be mated to a seven speed automatic transmission system for maximum torque and acceleration. The car is designed by Aston Martin’s bespoke division which makes it an extremely popular variant among sports car lovers. It is part of their special Q division and definitely not the average model that you could find in dealership stores soon. The Vantage GT12 Roadster may or may not make its way into a full production. If it does, it may even be limited to specific regions based on customer demand.

You can still enjoy going through the images and see how sportily stylish the model looks when it made its appearance at the Goodwood festival of speed.

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