Aston Martin Releases Teaser Video on YouTube for 5.2-liter V12 Engine

Aston Martin has released a brand new teaser on YouTube that showcases the power and performance of the all-new 5.2 liter V12 engine.

It is such a short clip running at just 33 seconds where the entire focus is on the engine and not on the car that will be equipped with the same. The growl is just amazingly low profile yet distinct in its own style and with a twelve twin turbo design, it is probably one of the most powerful engines around at the moment.


In the teaser video, viewers could catch a glimpse of the under the hood modifications that Aston Martin has done to the V12 model. It also showcases the label on top of the engine with the words V12 5.2 Turbo etched on it. In order to tease buyers into opting for what they have to offer, the video also starts and lets the engine growl. Car lovers know how important the sound is because not all cars are the same and the performance of a vehicle is easily determined by its aural accompaniment.

Aston Martin announced that the V12 engine will be officially launched in 2016. While they didn’t specifically mention in which model they are going to integrate it for, it is known that the same will debut with the amazing DB11. It is noted as the Bond car and a similar model was already featured in movies like Skyfall, Spectre.

DB11 will have the usual base model powered by the V12 while an AMG tweaked version is also heading to stores after the initial launch. Similar to the other tuned models, AMG will boost the performance of the base engine in order to pull the best acceleration speeds and performance out of it.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Herald

While most luxury car manufacturers have opted to go with an automatic transmission as people prefer the same, Aston Martin still dwells in the past. The company has many models with manual gearbox system which might soon change with passing months. They are offering manual and automatic transmissions at present.

The Aston Martin DB11 is expected to make its first appearance at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. For now, you have to be happy with the teaser video the company released on their official YouTube channel. The video has been attached below so that you could take a peek and enjoy the growl the V12 makes.

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