Aston Martin Reveals Rapide S with Brand New Features at CES 2016

Aston Martin, the leading automobile manufacturer has joined hands with LetV. The partnership had led to the birth of the Rapide S, a brand new version of the car, with plenty of new features which found its way to the show floor at CES 2016.

The highlight of the particular model of the Rapide S is that it uses the Internet of the Vehicle, IOV system pioneered by the company LetV. It is made of two individual, large displays which are completely digitized. In other words, they are touch screen displays similar to tablets, but have a wide range of connectivity features designed to make driving a pleasure.


On the center, there is a humongous 13.3-inch HD touchscreen display. It is much bigger than the newly launched iPad Pro and looks gorgeous when combined with the luxurious interiors of the Aston Martin car. There is another 12.2-inch display added to provide all the basic information with regards to the vehicle.

They also have speed recognition technology integrated into them allowing one to know if there is a random driver on road driving at insane speeds or trying to switch lanes at the most inappropriate moment. Except for the center console supplied by the LetV which is said to be connected to the internet at all points, the Aston Martin Rapide S car is the same in terms of design and technical specification.

However, with additional technology, it obviously gets a new price tag. It is up to the buyer to decide whether they need the internet of the vehicle system or not. LetV is proud that they could partner with such a reputed brand like Aston Martin. Talking about the collaboration at the show floor, the company claimed that they have equipped the super car with an internet brain that will enable it to be much more powerful, besides being connected on the road.


Andrew Palmer from Aston Martin said, “Our brand is known for its polished and sophisticated cars. By partnering with LetV to get their advanced internet based technologies, we gear ourselves up to meet the needs of customers of the future. After all, being connected is no longer a featured highlight, but rather a mandatory requirement that people expect their vehicles to do”.

The Rapide S version with the LetV system was at display in the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Those who happen to be there can take a first-hand look of it.

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