Aston Martin Signed Up for a New Name – the AeroBlade

Aston Martin is a brand associated with the best of sports cars and super stylish vehicles. The company has spent years in perfecting their vehicles which has now pushed them towards the active aero technology.

Latest updates confirmed that the brand has registered for a trademark name – the AeroBlade. As the name is self-explanatory, it refers to brand new aerodynamics that they may have developed for all their future supercars. With the years rapidly rolling by, car makers are gearing up for the near future where cars are expected to drive on their own besides supporting all latest gadgets and possibly use electric motors to be on the move.


Aston Martin is prepping things in order to cope with changing buyer demands. The new trademark name Aeroblade, according to the company signifies the launch of a wide range of passenger cars, accessories and racing cars that will be launched under the brand logo. There are multiple rumors related to the same. According to one of them, the Aeroblade could possibly be a car that is designed to replace the existing Vulcan in the track only car segment. Another claimed that it is another new car, which will come integrated with DB badge stamped on it.

At present, the car manufacturer is working on the DB11, the car which has already made its presence felt in the Bond movie Spectre. It will efficiently replace the DB9 and will sport a whole load of new features which are going to be future proof for at least the next three years or so. It will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbo engine, the one that is already being used by the Mercedes AMG model.

The latest models from Aston Martin under the AeroBlade category may also weigh less when compared to its predecessors. The cars will be equipped with satellite navigation, use carbon fiber components to keep its aerodynamics at the best levels and also reduce its overall height in order to make it look like the sports car it is intended to be.


The upcoming Geneva Motor Show is expected to be the place where Aston will showcase their new discovery. We are still not sure if Aeroblade is a car or a set of aerodynamics designed to make all their future cars zoom past in any driving condition. Either way, it is an interesting wait that should keep all car enthusiasts in their feet.

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