Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Launched at Villa d’Este Car Show

Aston Martin has had a long running partnership with Zagato and in order to showcase their combined brilliance, the company launched the new Vanquish at the Villa d’Este car show.

The car has been fully revamped with unique style and is now displayed at the auto expo underway in Italy.


Zagato is a brand known for their skills when it comes to redesigning Aston Martin cars. The company does it with their official partner and many of their models have become more successful among buyers than the originals. The popular ones include the DB7 Zagato released in 2002 and more recently, they stunned the audience with their V12 Vantage Zagato in 2011. With their expertise, the designers are back at it and there are some distinct changes in the car to make it stand out from the original model designed by Aston Martin.

The exterior design found in the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato was designed from the scratch by the team located in Milan. The crew wanted to ensure that people who purchase the car should have an idea that it comes from the reputed brand but look and feel different so as to give a sense of exclusivity. The car is comprised of carbon fiber materials throughout the body while the proprietary Zagato logo which is a double bubble can be found on the roofline. It indicates that it is a limited edition. The LED lights in the rear are sharp with bladed design and appropriately gives the car a sporty finish.

Enlarging the front grille is another common trait used by most manufacturers. Zagato has opted for the same to give the Aston Martin Vanquish a bigger look powered by LED front lights. They are incorporated within the grille so that they seamlessly flow with the concept and doesn’t stick out. A carbon lower body kit is also used and the model is equipped with quad exhausts located in the rear diffuser.


Interiors are equally promising with leather seats and a ‘Z’ pattern to showcase that the particular variant is a work of Zagato. The company claimed that they have opted for the best aerodynamics for the model which is powered by a V12 engine. It is capable of delivering 592 horsepower which is much higher in terms of performance when compared to the one made by Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato is priced at £194,000 and will be very limited in numbers.

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