Audi A6 and A7 Gets Refreshed Looks with New Add-on Kits

A bunch of interesting updates are heading to the Audi A6 and the A7 models which includes new add-on kits as well as prominent exterior design changes.

While these additions are useful, it is good to know that Audi has kept the pricing of the models same as their previous versions.

Audi A6

In the Audi A6, the air inlets now look pointed and sportier than they used to be while the rear bumper and the sills feature an angular styling. A new diffuser not only boosts overall performance but also acts as a style quotient. The front grille in the S variant is painted black with chrome slats and the same chrome is used in the air inlets. The wheel designs are revamped so that they sync with the changes.

Buyers who are opting for the A7 now has newer options including three different alloy wheel choices to pick from and there’s three different body colors as well. Out of the three colors, one is the Java Brown. It was previously offered as an exclusive choice for the A6 Allroad model. The other two colors which is now available for the A7 include Matador Red and Gotland Green.

The facelifted models proudly sport new LED ambient lights. You can choose to add a grey inlay or a silver inlay in these lights. The add-ons are subtle but they bring a whole new look to the car and give buyers choice of colors, features. The A6 and A7 is going on a brisk pace but Audi is keen on not losing to competition which prompted them to facelift the models before they fade out of trend.

Apart from all these exterior changes, the Audi A6 and the A7 will support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A tough competition prevails between both companies because smartphones designed by Apple or powered by Android are available in massive numbers. The user base is much higher and it has become mandatory for automobile manufacturers to include both connectivity options so as to cover the vast audience base.

The cars allow wireless charging and there is an option to add two tablets to the rear seats to experience entertainment on the go. The tablets will not be fixed to the car but are removable which sweetens the deal for passengers. When they pay for the accessory, the whole family can stay entertained in the car and outside of it.

Audi A6 and the A7 Car Play

An advanced package adds new paint variants, valcona leather seats, floor mats from velour and silvery upholstery stitching.

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