Audi A8 Gets Luxury Features and Longer Design to Beat Maybach

Audi is planning to expand its line up and they are going to start with the Audi A8 flagship model.

The car is about to made in the most luxurious fashion so that it can pose a strong competition to the posh Mercedes Benz S-Class.

Audi A8 Front

The current version of the Audi A8 is available in two different versions. The conventional model is compact while the second one in the lot sports a longer wheelbase. S-Class from Mercedes is the direct competitor for the Audi offering. The brand provides the model in multiple variants including a two door coupe version, a longer wheelbase and others with extended platforms. With so many choices to buy from, buyers often opt for the Mercedes Benz cars which is what Audi aims to change by expanding the A8 line up.

Launching the Audi SQ7, Stefan Knirsch, the company’s technical head said that they are discussing possibilities to expand the A8 line up. “We are planning and trying to find ways to promote the flagship model in better ways. Coming up with new designs is probably the answer to stay ahead in the competitive industry,” he said.

Audi launched a six door A8 limousine with an extra long wheel base this yearbut the company added that they are going to make a single model. According to their statement, it was designed for a specific customer and there were no plans to sell it on a large scale. However, latest updates confirmed that Audi is interested in making longer A8 models and offer multiple variants so that they could compete against the Maybach series from Mercedes Benz.

During the launch event, the company’s representatives confirmed that they are going to upgrade all future A8 models with SAE level 3 automation technology. With the system, the driver will be able to remove their hands from the steering wheel for longer periods of time to reduce stress during long drives. The car is capable of navigating itself to a certain extent but they added that it is not something related to self-driving technology.

Audi A8

Automatic steering functions in a car is presently limited to 19 kilometers per hour by the United Nations Regulations but it is expected to be increased in the near future. Audi and many other automobile manufacturers are betting high on the regulations to be brought down so that they could introduce self-driving technology in a slow yet steady pace.

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