Audi, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini Set to Conquer the Philippines Market

Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini are four of the top premium and exclusive car brands in the world. And all four intend to conquer a new and emerging market in the Philippines.

The four car brands announced that they have appointed a new manager responsible for sales in the Philippines. The Philippines are a growing market, with a population close to 100 million. Most of the population is poor, but there are wealthy people who would love to make a statement by owning a premium car.

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Audi was the first one to make the move, as the German car automaker believes that the technology that Audi brings to the market is tailor-made for the Philippines market. The company appointed Paolo Brambilla as the new General Manager of Sales. The new manager was quick to point that Audi believes in being aggressive and stylish. According to Brambilla, Filipinos have been exposed to premium brands from Europe before. Therefore, the comfort and the dynamics of the Audi vehicles should fit ideally. The German company expects aggressive and rapid growth in the segment of premium cars sales in the Philippines.

Porsche is depending for growth on the Philippines market on the performances of their vehicles. The company recently had a champion at the Le Mans endurance track and their cars have always been known for durability. The company has appointed David Gomez to serve as the GM of sales in the Philippines and he believes that the heritage the company has in the racing department will be the deciding factor for the customers to choose Porsche. Up until now, the company has registered more than 30,000 wins on the race tracks. Porsche is one of the best on the market when the customers want a true sports car with power, fuel efficiency along with practicality, functionality and usability for daily usage. At the same time, the company treats all of its customers like family, providing the best personalized service on the market.

Audi Bentley Porsche and Lamborghini

Lamborghini, on the other hand, is a brand that makes owning a car from them look like making a statement. The car company from Italy has been one of the most coveted and utilized in movies, posters and race tracks. The company appointed Enrique Jarlego II and the manager believes that the cutting-edge vision and pureness of the brand is what will convince wealthy Filipinos to opt for a car that will bring their lifestyle to another level.

Bentley is the last in line of the European car makers to try and expand its market into the Philippines and will provide the most exclusive cars on the market. According to the sales manager Rommel Corcuera, Bentley can make its own market and segment, the one for the most exclusive cars. A Bentley car is known for the passion, pride and expertise in craftsmanship.

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