Audi is Bringing Avus, Group S Rally Car and Classic Models to Techno Classica

Audi is heading to the Techno Classica auto expo, a show that dares to be different from the rest.

Instead of focusing on innovation and high speed engine, it’s all about classic, nostalgic cars. A list of models from Audi will be showcased in this interesting show.


The show is all about vintage cars. It’s not easy to find cars decades from the past as everyone is trying to mimic models from science fiction movies. However, Audi is going to bring some of their most popular designs to this expo. It includes the amazingly popular Avus concept and Quattro Spyder from 1991. The 90s kids may find the year to be close but it is 25 years past making it insanely nostalgic for those who live in 2016.

Other Audi models headed for the Techno Classica show includes the Group S rally car, the 1929 Framo TV 300 which is not a car but a three wheeler and the Slaby Beringer from 1924. There’s also the DKW F9 from 1941. A special mention for this expo is that they don’t just entertain cars but also give equal importance to motorcyles making it a combined show for automobile enthusiasts. They can experience the best of both worlds under one roof.

While there are plenty of cars heading to the show, experts strongly believe that the Avus concept made of polished aluminum and the Quattro Spyder painted bright orange are going to be the show stealers. The Spyder is a lightweight model measured at just 2400 pounds and a design feat in a year when other manufacturers were still making outdated models.

On the other end, the Avus is powered by a W-12 engine capable of delivering 503 horsepower. The model is the forerunner for Audi because it’s success and the performance of the W12 engine inspired the company to opt for it for many newer models including Audi A8 and the Volkswagen Phaeton.


Another vintage model headed for the Techno Classica show is the 1987 rally car named the Group S designed specifically for the season of the year. With so many models heading to the expo, its easily a destination for nostalgic automobile lovers. The expo takes place in Germany and if you have the chance to be there or already live in the region, it’s time to spend amazing hours to travel back in time and experience the best technology from the past.

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