Audi Debuts the Future of Interiors with Piloted Driving, Digital Screens at CES

Audi took stage at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016 and they were quite enthusiastic about the technology that is to be debuted.

The brand had their focus on three different aspects – electrification, digitalization and piloted driving. The new interiors showcased a large AMOLED screen. It uses an innovative technology with active matrix organic LED which produces vibrant colors that are pleasing to the eye, irrespective of the lighting conditions on the outside.

Audi Hydrogen Q6 1

Apart from being able to control navigating using the touch screen interface, users will also be able to readily initiate an action by simply performing specific gestures. Gesture control is all the rage in automobiles at the moment and the ideas that Audi suggested might become the new benchmark for many other companies to follow.

The designers added that the interiors are seamlessly connected and is in sync with the smartphones, tablets among other smart devices all at once. The infotainment is powered by the modular infotainment platform. It exists in many Audi vehicles at the moment but will feature an improved interface, response and gesture controls to make it easier for passengers to use it.

Audi briefed more technical details of the virtual cockpit and the virtual dashboard concept they have debuted at the CES. The former was showcased during the 2015 show while the dashboard was revealed in the 2016 expo. They have also launched the e-tron Quattro car at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

As expected, all smartphones and smart devices will automatically connect itself with the car making it easy to download content, receive updates, among other activities. Virtual reality experience is something Audi has been working on for a long time and the company has made the technology much better in the recent version. They have confirmed that all the features will be integrated in their upcoming cars, individually or as a whole, based on the trimline variant a buyer chooses to go for.


It’s not just Audi, but all major automobile manufacturers had their time to showcase some of the best technology at the CES 2016 event. Above all, it was highly dominated by electric cars with Chevrolet showcasing their Bolt. Audi talked about their e-tron Quattro which should deliver an amazing 500 kilometers range on a single charge.

Every EV car is now pushing the limits giving Tesla a tough contention and they should outsmart them when their launch their budget sedan in 2018.

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