Audi is Building a Special Petrol, Electric Hybrid Car for 2017 Launch

Instead of focusing on completely electric vehicles, Audi is working on a petrol-electric hybrid powertrain which will deliver amazing horsepower yet doesn’t compromise on its fuel efficiency and comfort.

Electric cars usually have very limited mileage while petrol engine cars are outdated by now besides being a bit high in terms of maintenance cost and gasoline charges. Tesla has broken the myth by launching fully electric vehicles including a SUV and has set a new benchmark for the automobile industry. While most other automobile manufacturers are trying hard to beat the Tesla has done, Audi has decided to take a completely new route.


The company is working towards mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars which will allow them to completely move away from diesel cars. Their parent company Volkswagen is stuck in a huge diesel emission scandal, which has been giving a hard time for every other manufacturer under its wing. While making diesel cars emission free is tough, it is possible to make hybrids that could forego the problem and be fuel efficient at the same time.

Audi will make it possible by adopting the Integrated Starter Generator also known as ISG. The advantage of this technology is that it allows them to build large electric motors capable of providing more torque than conventional models. Besides, they play a crucial role in helping the gasoline engine deliver increased horsepower and make electric cars efficient. They will no longer hinder when climbing hills and can save fuel when going down by switching off the conventional engine.

Besides, the new range of cars Audi has been working on will deliver a total of 65 mpg with the help of the ISG system with its 12V motor. They are betting high on the concept of costing and energy saving. but the exact numbers can be confirmed only when the cars actually hit the road.

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A possible 2017 launch has been planned, but next year, Audi may choose to showcase some of the concept models at popular auto expos. The company has plans to introduce 48V electronics with ISG and we have already seen the RS5 competition concept. They have three different suspension concepts under their sleeve. A range of new features will be integrated into their new line up including active anti-roll bar system, planetary gears and components that help charge the car when in swift motion.

Everything sounds great on paper, but a year’s wait is mandatory to see how it shapes up in the real world.

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