Audi Q2 SUV Crossover Pictures Release Before Geneva Show

Audi is definitely looking forward to the Geneva show and even with at least a month to go before the expo, the company has already released images of their Q2 SUV crossover.

In terms of style, the upcoming Q2 is definitely unconventional and ready to take the buyer community by storm. The car is typically the smallest in its segment available, which should make it appealing to those who don’t want to drag a large one to office every day. Yet, at the same time, it will also offer huge cargo space and legroom for multiple passengers.


Audi, even though not official, is going after the younger buyers with sporty looking SUVs. The next gen Q2 is built on the MQB platform and it will use the front wheel driving system by default. There will be plenty of trim line variants to choose, from which the buyers can pick the all-wheel drive. The option will be available only for those who like to go for the top end variant and pay a premium price.

The five door SUV is scheduled for public release this summer. The huge front grille is a striking difference while it also features a waistline on the sides and the size of the rear shoulders has been considerably stretched for that lengthy looking exterior. It uses carbon fiber components as do most Audi cars in recent times. The material helps the designers keep the weight of the car low and offer great aerodynamics, besides performance. It will be available in both petrol and diesel engine variants.

Buyers will have the option to customize the color of the roof which is another welcome addition. When the production began, Audi had the idea to build the Q2 in such a way that it is fully customizable to each individual’s taste. However, in order to overcome costs, the company is opting for a conventional launch at the moment before allowing customization options. It might be possible towards the end of the year if the Q2 becomes a hit as expected.


A lot of features, connectivity and comforts offered in the car are already being offered in multiple Audi vehicles. The brand is keen on making this one look stylish and appeal to the younger crowd, rather than making it a groundbreaking technical launch. Pricing and other specifications of the crossover SUV will be revealed during the Geneva Motor Show, scheduled to take place in March.

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