Audi Q3 Crossover Adds S Line Variant for European Buyers

Sporting a brand new athletic body and stylish design, the new Audi Q3 crossover adds a S line variant exclusively for European buyers.

The brand has confirmed that the new trim line will go on sale in Europe before the end of this year. With the new sport trim, the Q3 sports larger air intakes and the grille has a stone gray finish. The center inlet blade is now painted yellow to contrast the exterior color. Other additions include diamond pattern on the air inlets accentuated by new front skirt.

Audi Q3 Crossover

Designers at Audi has duly used a nice combination of black and gray in the car. They have used highly gloss black finish in the front fascia but the areas that are left out has a stone gray finish. They look amazing when put together because of the right choice of colors. However, Q3 will no longer be available in Tundra Brown. Instead, a camouflage green is being offered by the company.

The glossy black finish is found throughout the new Audi Q3 crossover including the exterior mirrors, the door trim strips, spoilers on the roof, bumper, wheel arches, roof rails and other areas. It has been appropriately used to make the primary color look attractive. Indicating the car’s new trim line, a S badge is mounted on the fender but it is presented in such a subtle manner that you may not notice it instantly. The Audi Sport edition uses 19-inch gloss black wheels completing the whole setup.

Elite black finish and sports components are found in the inside of the car as well. The sports seat covers are all embossed with the S logo. It has obviously nothing to do with Superman but rather indicates the trimline of the car you own. The seats are made using a mix of fabric and leather materials. Buyers can upgrade it to Nappa leather for an unparalleled premium finish.

2018 Audi Q3

The controls are all aluminum finished, the steering wheel is covered with leather and the aluminum gear knobs have a leather cover on top for increased comfort. The S line suspension offers good comfort even when driving in uneven surfaces. Since 2011, Audi has been selling the same Q3 variant in Europe and the new revamped edition would help them push sales further. The pricing is expected to be around 33,050 euros. There is no word on bringing the new S trim line of the Audi Q3 to U.S. yet.

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