Audi Q5 2017 Edition Set to Beat Mercedes GLC Class, Test Drive Car Spotted

For a very long time, the Mercedes GLC class SUV enjoyed being the top choice when it comes to compact, mid-sized vehicles. Buyers went for it without second thoughts because there were no other products available in the market.

However, from the leaked pictures, it looks like Mercedes has a brand new contender ready to dethrone it from a position that the brand enjoyed for many years now. The Audi Q5 2017 edition was spotted when the vehicle hit the road for a test drive. Even though, it was completely camouflaged, the design gave it away. The vehicle was spotted in Spain which is one of the most favorite spots for car manufacturers to test their new launches.

Audi Q5 2017

Besides, the hot weather in Spain favors Audi to test the durability of their new car in humid regions. While the manufacturers wanted to keep a low profile, the pictures reveal that the Q5 derives strong inspirations from the earlier models including the Q7 and the A4. The front features a hexagonal grille, which is surrounded by brushed aluminum on all corners. The rectangular headlights are designed in such a way that they connect with the grille in a precise manner.

It is a welcome addition so see the new 2017 edition of Audio Q5 being designed as a compact SUV. While Mercedes couldn’t resist and continued to make their vehicle bigger, it deters some buyers who were looking forward to purchase a compact vehicle. The bigger it gets, the higher the competition is because most SUVs from top brands are of the same size. Being compact and easy to drive is what sets these particular models apart.

The Q5 was not the only vehicle spotted in Spain but the A4 sedan was also spotted beside it. Both vehicles share a couple of technical specifications including the 2-liter turbo engines as well as the Quattro all-wheel drive.

2016 Audi Q5

Analysts also add that the newer design features a body that weighs less and when combined with powerful engines, it should be much easier to drive this SUV irrespective of road conditions. Buyers looking forward to go for a large vehicle for every day commute can opt for the Audi Q5 as it is an ideal choice as an all-purpose SUV.

A premium version of the same vehicle will hit the road at the same time and it will have many luxurious features but will obviously cost a lot more than the base model.

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