Audi Q5 Revealed in New Teaser Video Ahead of Paris Show Debut

A new teaser video of the upcoming Audi Q5 has been released and it comes from the automobile manufacturer just days before the 2016 Paris Auto Show debut.

2018 Audi Q5

The majority of the auto brands have decided to tease and launch some of their touted vehicles before the auto expo. They are probably aiming to get utmost attention rather than getting lost in the waves of cars that are heading to Paris soon. While some companies choose to reveal the entire car, photos and specifications, others did teaser videos and images to keep buyers on the edge.

The Audi Q5 has received one such feature and some specifics that you could look forward to. The front fascia of the car is largely dominated by narrow headlights while the rear taillights are completely revamped. They are equipped with a unique lighting setup which lights up in a more prominent manner based on the direction the car is about to turn. The clamshell liftgate found in the model will be retained so as to keep it close to the original design.

With the launch of the Q7, Audi engineers are free to focus on the models that are to fill up the mid-range and the entry level models. They have worked a lot on the Audi Q5 which is evident from the teaser and other information that we have gathered so far. The car is in its first generation even though it was originally launched in the year 2009. The manufacturer for some reason didn’t release next gen models and the revamp they are about to do now is to cope up the backlogs for more than a decade.

Audi Q5 New Teaser

The 2018 edition of Audi Q5, the second generation model should look as stylish as the latest cars and also be equipped with features to satisfy demanding customers of today. While it uses a turbo-four engine with connectivity features and the virtual cockpit, it does look a bit out of date. The final production version may undergo some changes but if Audi could look into this before the launch, they will be able to market the Q5 to the mainstream audience without any caveats.

Before the Audi Q5, the Q3 compact crossover is about to hit dealership stores and will be available for customers by the end of the year. The Q5 will be on display during the 2016 Paris auto show and it’s release date may not be far behind.

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