Audi Q5 RS Next Gen Edition is Coming to Dealerships in 2017

Audi is working to expand their RS performance line up and the latest updates from the company confirmed that they are ready with the performance variant of the Q5.

The information comes from a source close to the company and it is authentic, without question. The second generation Q5 RS will be available for purchase in dealership stores by 2017. The car will be very similar to the existing model in terms of engine performance, the dual clutch system and four-wheel drive powered by Torsen torque sensing technology.

Audi Q5 RS

According to Audi’s Rupert Stadler, the new generation Audi is an important addition to the company and it will allow them to create a strong presence in the world of SUVs. Even though, they do have a stronghold when it comes to luxury sedans, people don’t opt for the brand when choosing their big cars.

Stadler said, “We see an increased demand among buyers who want performance driven SUVs. They are no longer happy with legroom or cargo space, but expect the large cars to do much more than they used to do. The RS Q3 witnessed amazing sales which inclined us towards this brand new market. It inspired us to go with a large car which is not only big in size, but also powerful in terms of performance and is feature rich”.

The upcoming next gen Q5 RS is powered by a V6 3.0-liter turbocharged engine which will be out along with the RS4 and the RS5 models later this year. It looks like Audi is ready for an eventful 2016 with back to back launches. They will have plenty to look forward to at the upcoming Geneva motor show as well as other expos scheduled to take place in the next few months.


Audi has a huge manufacturing plant setup in Mexico where the Q5 RS will be built. We are yet to see the car in action and some spy shots to emerge as it always does. As with the norms, the brand will definitely talk more about it at auto expos and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it is going to be the one set to take place in March.

Do you think it is good to focus on the SUV market more? Audi is associated with sedans and luxury class cars the most and it may be a steep change for the brand’s usual style. They do make good SUVs and the RS could just boost it further.

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