Audi RS1 and More New RS Variants Coming Soon

The RS range of cars from Audi has always had a special place among the consumers. People love the cars because they are sporty, offer great performance and most of all, fall in the inexpensive category when compared to the models offered by Mercedes or Porsche.

While Audi is yet to officially come out in the open and discuss about their forthcoming models, rumor mills have already started spitting out some interesting information. A wide range of RS variants are bound to hit the market in the next few months. The RS 1 hyper watch is almost confirmed by this time while other upcoming models include the super limousine RS 8 and the RS SUV inspired by the compact Q1.

Audi-RS Variant

Andrew Doyle, managing director of Audi Australia is extremely confident about the way things are going and strongly believes that the brand has a lot of scope to expand in the market.

“The RS go-fast range is just the beginning and it will pave way for the brand to expand further”, he said.

“At Audi, we always like to discuss potential ideas which lead to more innovation and expansion. Right now, it’s not possible to comment on the expansion pipeline that the company has planned for the RS models. However, I would say that people in Australia love them and we will whole heartedly support its launch when the time comes”, he added.

There is no official information on the new range of cars, but it is evident that the Audi RS 1, among other models, in the series, consists of cars that are boosted to the core. They have amazing top speed, acceleration powered by the modified engines and offer great torque than the conventional models. Many car manufacturers have started making hybrid vehicles and tweaked version of popular cars because there is a community which loves such upgrades.

Audi RS1

Instead of allowing private garages to work on their luxury vehicles, manufacturers can do it on their own, which not only provides the buyer a genuine experience but also boost revenue. The Audi RS1 looks like Audi’s answer to BMW’s M series or Mercedes AMG cars. Things have been looking really positive and when competition among manufacturers go high, it is the consumers who benefit greatly because of the wide range of models they get on the receiving end.

The official pricing is yet to be out, but it will probably be more than $50,000 which is still cheaper than what Audi’s competitors offer.

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