Audi RS4 Expected to Receive a V6 Electric Turbo Engine, Spy Shots Spotted

Audi recently launched the fifth generation A4 cars to their dealers, but before it could reach the hands of the buyers, the company is already busy testing the RS4 on the roads.

The RS is the tag that signifies Audi’s focus on making the car racier and sportier looking for the car enthusiasts out there. According to the latest reports from inside sources, the brand is all set to launch RS4 and RS5 Coupe. Both these cars are expected to be powered by V6 engines with forced induction technology.


While the makers are yet to talk and reveal official information about the car, we have word that the RS4 will be powered by a 3.0-liter direction injection V6 engine. The engine offers great bhp on its own, but the designers will couple it with an all new electric turbocharged engine, which will increase its overall power to an amazing 480bhp. Without the fusion, it offers 444bhp which is not bad, but it was delivered by the V8, not a V6. With this option, the manufacturers aim to realize the full potential of the available engine power.

Audi has done some clever stuff to ensure that the new car which is being test-driven isn’t spotted. They have not used the usual camouflage, because it instantly grabs the attention of spy photographers. Instead, they have used the S4 Avant badge and with minimal design changes, it is difficult to spot it unless you look close. The extended wheelarches denote that the car comes from the RS stable, but there aren’t too many exterior changes in the test vehicle for one to easily identify it.


Discussing the possibilities of using an electric turbo engine in a top end car, Audi’s technical department head Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg commented that there are no feasible large, turbo engines available at the moment to drastically boost the power of an existing V6 or V8 engine. The situation prompted them to go for a small electric turbocharger. It uses batteries within, but has the capacity to automatically recharge with the help of a generator.

The additional electric engine will be incorporated only in the top line variant of the Audi cars because the technology is expensive and may not be suitable for people looking to buy cheap cars. The Audi RS4 is expected to get launched in 2016. The RS4 will also help test the potential of the technology before the company brings out their more powerful R8.

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