Audi RS7 Performance with 597 Horsepower Heading to U.S. Dealers

Supercars are probably a mirage for the budget buyers, but if you are ready to stretch your budget to its core, you can go for the Audi RS7 for its performance in the United States soon.

The RS6 Avant and the RS7 Sportback have phenomenal power that their engines could probably power another two cars at once. They are powered by a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine, which is one of the most powerful models available in the market today. While they are capable of achieving a lot in their basic model, the people behind the cars have pushed them even further with four rings to bring the peak performance out of the engines.


The overall horsepower provided by the cars is now at an unbelievable 597 hp and has 516 lb feet of torque. Drivers can also activate a temporary overboost mode provided in the vehicle, which increases it to a higher 553 lb feet of torque. When such a powerful engine backs up the vehicle, it is obvious that it delivers one of the best acceleration found in any modern car.

The Audi RS7 can easily touch 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 3.7 seconds. The unbelievable acceleration capacity proves that this is indeed a super car to look forward. The speed is two tenths faster than the traditional RS7 models which don’t have the speed boost included in them. The top speed however remains the same at 155 miles per hour, but in case you are looking to push it to its limit, there is an option to go for the Dynamic Package. It will cost extra, but will boost the power of the RS6 to a higher 174 mph while the RS7 can go even higher at nearly 190 mph.

We are not sure how to touch such top speeds in civilian roadways, especially with plenty of speed limit restrictions in multiple regions. But, if you can take the car to locations where unconstrained driving is allowed, it is indeed possible to check out its max speed at its best. The vehicle uses a Quattro all-wheel drive which splits the power in the ratio of 40:60, with higher power for the rear wheel.


The basic variant of the performance models of the Audi RS7 and the RS6 come bundled with adaptive air suspension which can be upgraded to Dynamic Ride Control and you can also choose to add a sports differential to it. The cars are headed to Germany in November followed by a future launch in the U.S.

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