Audi S4 2017 to be Powered by TurboCharged Engines: To Feature only Auto Transmission

The all-new Audi S4 2017 model will give up its supercharger engine for a turbocharged one which promises to deliver an estimated torque of 369 pound-feet and 354 horsepower.

However, the new S4 will feature only auto transmission and will not come with the manual option.

2017 audi s4

Audi launched its S4 and S4 Avant models in the Frankfurt Auto Show. The new vehicles would feature powerful engines, lightweight design, the most updated technologies and a power of 354 HP, said the company in a Press Release. The S4 and S4 Avant models will feature the upgraded turbocharged V6 petrol engines and will out power the earlier models and at the same time keep the fuel economy at better levels.

The new Audi S4 is expected to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in only 4.7 seconds as against the 4.9 seconds that the current sedan takes to reach 60 miles per hour. While the highest speed remains 155 miles per hour, the fuel economy is expected to be better at 31.8 miles per gallon.

The S4s will feature the signature Audi Quattro all-wheel-drive with a 60:40 rear-front power split under general conditions. However, depending on the conditions, the power in the rear axle could go up to 85% while that in the front axle could go up to 70%. This wheel-selective torque distribution is driven by an intelligent software function.

Both the models will feature intelligent suspension dynamics to deliver a smooth driving experience irrespective of the terrain. A straight-line stability will aid fast driving in a motorway and the 5-link suspension in both the rear and front wheels ensure optimum handling in any driving situation.


The suspension is also tweaked a bit to 0.9 inches lower than the Audi A4, resulting in improved handling. LED lighting is standard fitting while the quad exhausts sits on a new rear bumper featuring a subtle diffuser. The side mirrors are housed in aluminum trims while the interior features a combination of Alcantara upholstery and Nappa leather seats offering a sporty look.

The digital instrument panel is an optional feature in the new S4 and comes with three displays including an exclusive sport screen. Despite its name, the S4 2017 will be available in the market in 2016. However, the S4 Avant model will not be marketed in the US, the company said in the Press Release.

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