Audi Speculated to Name its Electric SUV as E-Tron

Audi is planning to strengthen their hold on the name E-tron and it is speculated that the company is going to name their first electric SUV as the e-tron.

Audi E-Tron

The name is a great start for the automobile brand that has plans to grow big in the electric vehicles sector and will define all their future models. A couple of months ago, it was said that Audi has planned to name its electric SUV as Q6 but things have changed ever since. Speaking to an automobile magazine, Rupert Stadler, Audi’s CEO commented that they have decided to go with the name e-tron and it will define their stand in the electric segment.

“We can easily compare the first EV with the first ever Audi Quattro which was simply called as the Quattro. In the long run, the name will be associated with pure electric variants and will be used for all models that fall under the category,” he said. While the CEO didn’t brief it, we can say that the other electric cars will be addressed as Audi A6 e-tron, A7 e-tron and others with the original model name in front of the e-tron tag.

The same cannot be applied for hybrid models. Stadler talking further to the auto magazine added that they are extremely interested in making an all-electric sedan. If confirmed, it will be the big competitor from Audi that goes head on against Tesla’s Model S sedan. Almost every manufacturer is keen to take down Tesla and its slew of cars. The EV company has already announced Model 3, a cheap electric car which is about to change the automobile industry forever.

The new car is slated for 2018 launch and if Audi has plans to step into the electric vehicle market at the right time, they should probably get ready right now and invest more in R&D developments. Audi has planned to roll out at least three electric vehicles before the end of 2020. They have also planned to launch a compact hatchback in the same period.

Audi E-Tron rear

If there is a drawback for Audi to proceed forward and launch some kickass EVs, it is the fact that its parent company Volkswagen is undergoing some severe dieselgate issues. However, the top engineers and executives in the company are looking for ways to launch notable cars that would keep boost sales. We will know more about Audi’s plans as years’ progress.

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