Audi Teases Brand New Q2 SUV with Teaser Image

Audi has a couple of models ready to be launched at the Geneva auto show 2016 among with the Q2 SUV crossover has a prominent place.

With the dates really close by, the company has launched a teaser image to prep buyers for the imminent launch and to convince them that their SUV is the best among the lot. Instead of showing dark images of the grille or various parts of the car, they have opted to show a parking lot where some of the existing models are parked. An empty space is left out with the caption soon written below that indicates that Audi is going to expand their lineup with a new SUV.


Besides, the teaser image released by the company showcases the Q2 crossover as the smallest SUV in the lineup. In order to show it better, the image shows all the Audi sports utility vehicles parked next to one another and the empty lot is where the smallest car will take its place after the official Geneva reveal.

As with most recent launches, the car will be built on the MQB platform which is already being used by the A3. All entry level variants available in the SUV will use a front wheel driving system, while people who opt for the top level variant will have the opportunity to experience the Quattro all-wheel drive system, which is a unique and lauded feature, found in the Audi SUVs. It provides better acceleration, comfort and even boosts the mileage because of all wheels working in unison to achieve the same result.

Compared to the previous models, the designers at Audi have made some significant changes to the vehicle to make it look unique and slimmer. While the front grille still is huge, the sides of the car have been trimmed and the sidelines made to look sharper than it ever has been. These are a few things that Audi has not done in the past, but in order to cope up with changing trends they have adopted sportier looks in all their cars, including the popular SUVs on offer.


The sophistication has been maintained on the interiors as well, with metallic rims being used wherever possible and a highly improved infotainment system. It is a complete package and once we know the price tag, it will be easy to convince ourselves to go for it. Audi will announce the other details related to the Q2 crossover at the Detroit show.

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