Audi to Have Only Electric Cars in its Portfolio by 2029

The German car manufacturer Audi, owned by Volkswagen, made an announcement recently that it plans to put an end to the production of its internal combustion engine cars by 2023.

Its combustion models will be gradually stopped completely by the start of the coming decade. The luxury car maker declared that it would have only electric cars to offer for lovers of this brand by 2029. All factories will manufacture at least one fully electric vehicle model by this time.

Investment in Audi Electric Cars

Audi plans to make a huge investment of close to $532 million in the next few years to electrify its plants and ensure the smooth production of electric cars. The car manufacturer also plans to offer training to its employees on the manufacturing of electric cars.

It will also open a new plant to increase Audi electric car production in 2024 in Changchun, China. This new plant will be set up in partnership with FAW to produce models locally based on its recent Premium Platform Electric architecture and is going to be the first plant to produce only electric cars.

Audi Electric Car Manufacturing Plants

The manufacturer will set up more new plants only when there is a need for additional capacity. According to the Production and Logistics board member Gerd Walker, the planned investment is focused on existing or old plants so that they function just as efficiently and flexibly as the recently built greenfield plants or production sites. The plants in Neckarsulm, Brussels and Gyor have already been modified to meet the production requirements of electric cars. The other sites will also slowly be modified in the future.

Audi also plans to lower its production costs by half in about a decade by 2033. The manufacturer aims to achieve this by increasing the sustainability of its plants and cutting down on complex features that do not benefit the customer.

The Audi Electric Car Portfolio

Audi already has some interesting models like the Audi e-Tron GT, Audi Q4 e-Tron, and Audi Q8 e-Tron in its electric car portfolio. The next electric car will be an Audi electric car SUV named the Audi Q6 e-Tron SUV which will be produced from the manufacturer’s Ingolstadt facility.

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