Audi’s All-Electric SUV is a Direct Competitor to Tesla Model X

Talk about electric cars and it is Tesla that will come to the forefront. By creating some of the amazing all-electric vehicles that offer impressive mileage, the company has set a benchmark which is not easy to beat.

However, leading car manufacturers are already doing their best to create impressive vehicles which has the potential to convince the buyers to go for a hybrid or a battery powered one. On the same lines, Audi is all set to unveil their fully electric SUV vehicle which will pose a direct competition to Tesla’s upcoming Model X.

Electric SUV

Tesla has experienced phenomenal success with their Model S which is cruising on the streets right now, but the upcoming SUV is expected to be superior in terms of mileage, performance and safety features. Audi is prepping up an equally impressive vehicle which will borrow design features from the Q7 and Q5 series.

Creating a vehicle without the help of tech giants in the world is an impossible task. When you talk about battery and integrated cars, companies like IBM, Apple, LG are supposed to join the race. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already paid a visit to BMW’s manufacturing plant while Audi confirms that they have signed a deal with LG and Samsung to achieve the feat.

Both companies have separate research and development wings. The respective teams are busy building a battery cell module which will enable Audi’s upcoming electric SUV to achieve significant mileage. According to rumors, the vehicle will be powered by three electric motors with a huge lithium ion battery mounted in between them. It reduces the center of gravity, thus providing an increased level of stability and comfort to the vehicle. Besides, it plays a crucial role in boosting the battery power and achieving more miles on a single charge.

Audi Q6 e-Tron Quattro

The E-tron Quattro concept from Audi is all set for a grand unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The expo scheduled to take place in September this year is going to be an important event because every manufacturer in the world is taking a giant leap into the world of electric cars. Be sure to expect a whole lot of hybrids and all-electric vehicles at the show this year.

Audi e-tron Quattro should be able to run at least 310 miles and if they manage to accomplish the feat, they would beat Tesla’s records. Besides, such a discovery will convince buyers to go for it without thinking twice about running out of charge on the road.

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