2021 Audi E-Tron Base Model and Sportback Now Charges Faster than Before

2021 Audi E-Tron Sportback

The line of electric cars is best utilized when they are capable of covering longer distances and can charge faster.

The 2021 Audi E-Tron has been improved and it is applicable for both the base model as well as the Sportback edition. The car is now able to charge much faster which saves you time and enables users to quickly cover long distances.

The electric SUV is already a crowd favorite considering the fact that there are very few cars that offer the level of comfort, features and fully electric capabilities. While most major automobile brands are going to launch their version fully electric SUVs in the near future, Audi is already way ahead of its competition. The on-board charger found in the newest variants has been increased from 11 kW to 22 kW, making them more powerful and faster to charge. Buyers planning to purchase the new 55 series models will get these features.

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Those who are looking forward to the next iteration from the brand will be able to purchase the 50 and the S-variants in the middle of 2021. With more than six months to go, it going to be a considerable wait for most people who just can’t wait. The charging connect system will be available for users to be installed at home and works seamlessly with the myAudi app. Users can know the charge level and lots of other information without stepping out of their home using the app. It makes it easier to know if your car is ready for a trip.

Shorter Charging Times

In their official report, the company claims that the 2021 Audi E-Tron 55 and the 55 Sportback edition will be able to get fully charged in just 5 hours. That is a great addition for people who like to go on long trips and can easily charge the entire battery cell in half a night before moving again. The fast charging will also allow intermittent charging schedules at gas stations without having to wait for five whole hours.

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The EV app and maintenance system will also avoid overloading your home’s power source by balancing its intake. Drivers can experience a better driving experience delivered by the 20-inch and 21-inch wheelbase offered in the newest variants. With orders being undertaken now, deliveries will begin towards the end of 2020. It is to be witnessed how other brands handle their charging times so that more people are inclined to go for electric SUVs as their next purchase.

BMW M3 Touring Initial Rendered Image Revealed

Fans often get what they want if they are stubborn and as a result, the BMW M3 Touring has been officially confirmed by the brand.

They have been asking for the model for a long time now and the first rendered images of the new model were released online to give everyone a quick sneak peek of what to expect.

Be it an automobile brand or a technology firm, everyone has to give in to their customer demands at one point or the other. The hue and cry for the BMW M3 Touring are high for many years now but it just didn’t become the vision that BMW wanted to deliver. Finally, they have decided to not deliver some other model that resembled a Touring but an original edition that should appease long time fans of the series. The prototype versions of the G81 M3 Touring is being tested in roads and in specific tracks such as the Nordschleife.

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An official announcement might take another month or so because it is unclear whether they are pegging this as a 2020 or a 2021 model for next year. The actual specifications of the car will also be revealed when they are ready which will join the BMW M3 Sedan and the M4 Coupe. The M3 Touring may take another two years if sources are to be believed but an illustrated image gives us a quick look at what to expect from this exciting model.

Instagram Artist Renders the Design

Designed by @zer.o.wt on Instagram, the M3 Sports Wagon will have the kidney grille which is an iconic aspect of most BMW cars. The car will use a powerful and really aggressive front design which is evident from the sharp bonnet, the design of the headlights and the overall outlook that you could instantly gather from the rendered images. The edge of the doors has been curved in such a way that it resembles a sportier vehicle rather than catering to the conventional crowd.

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The alloy wheels are rather stylish and it is expected to provide bigger cargo space for your baggage. The legroom for rear-seat passengers will be higher so that long journeys are no longer uncomfortable for everyone onboard. The BMW M3 Touring has been in the making for long with multiple timed editions. The new model is expected to produce about 510 horsepower with an 8-speed automatic gearbox and will use the 3-liter S58 powertrain.

Lincoln Navigator Concept – Everything You Need to Know

The new Lincoln Navigator concept was unveiled at the 2016 New York auto show. It is obvious that the car has taken plenty of inspiration from the Bentley Bentayga and the Range Rover but it stands different in its own respect.

The car is equipped with gull wing doors, a design that gave a hard time for Tesla with their Model X SUV. The electric car maker had to delay production of their launch because the doors wouldn’t stay open and lowered down automatically with use. If Lincoln Navigator is planning to change it, they may probably have to work on this particular aspect right from the beginning. The SUV is expected go in production in 2017. As it is purely a concept at the moment, some primary changes will most probably be adopted by the designers in the production version.

A contemporary style makes the SUV quite interesting and it was one of the head turners at the New York auto expo. The luxury saloon featured individual stairs making it easy to descend from the high rise design. It conveniently rolled back into the vehicle so as to give it enough ground clearance. It is powered by a 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 engine capable of delivering over 400 horsepower.

On the whole, the SUV resembles more of a truck and it is assumed to be built on a really rugged body giving it the much needed rigidity. Comfort factor will be given importance yet the focus will be on performance, legroom and design. The SUV looks huge but being a concept model we may have to wait till it goes to production.It is designed to be a worthy competitor to take down the likes of BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes SUVs.

Connected in-car entertainment is an exclusive feature Lincoln is aiming to accomplish and tablet styled touchscreen interface should make navigation easy for the passengers. The size of the screencould be much higher. Most automobile manufacturers are increasing the size so as to offer a comprehensive and connected experience like never before. Other features found in the Lincoln Navigator New York concept includes automatic braking, 360-degree camera and live feed, lane keeping, parking assist among others.

Many of the features found in the particular model is already found in most cars in Europe but they are being debuted to the American customers in a brand new design. The car is expected to hit dealership stores by in the mid of 2017.

2016 Audi A4 has a Lightweight Body to Improve Acceleration and Fuel Efficiency

The 2016 Audi A4 sedan may probably not impress sports car lovers, because its design is very similar to the old model and in some scenarios, one can probably say it’s more vintage than contemporary.

The manufacturer has not revealed a specific launch date for the vehicle. It is supposed to be in the first half of 2016, but buyers planning to go for it don’t know when to pre-order one.

Amidst this delayed response, the designers have revealed that the new Audi A4 is going to be one of the lightest vehicles in the series. The overall weight of the sedan has been shaved off which makes it faster on the road, leading to increased acceleration capacity and the ability to tear the wind at top speed.

A 2.0 liter engine will be powering the vehicle to deliver 252 horsepower. It uses a four-wheel drive system and will be the first model to get launched in the United States. The official pricing of the car is expected to be around $38,000, but it could be a tad higher when combined with delivery charges. A six speed manual transmission system will power the basic variant of the vehicle, but the buyers will have the option to move on to an eight speed automatic transmission system if they are willing to pay more.

After changing some of the components, the sedan is 242 lbs less in weight which the company claims will play a crucial role in making it faster on the road and more fuel efficient. When it comes to fuel efficiency, there is no better choice than electric cars. But, being overpriced, these cars are yet to become mainstream; maybe, until Tesla brings out the $35,000 electric car in 2020. Audi has not revealed a plug-in hybrid variant of the 2016 A4 or an electric version, but it may probably be down the line scheduled for launch towards the end of 2016.

A diesel version of the A4 is also on the cards, but the problem with it is that Volkswagen has made some grave blunders that buyers may think twice before opting for a diesel car in the future. The issue is still underway in the United States which has prompted many car manufacturers to go for plug-in hybrids than diesel engines so that they not only keep emission issues under control, but also enter a brand new segment which is future proof and has the potential to lead to electric cars.

Aston Martin Showcases Electric Rapide Concept Car for the First Time

Following the footsteps of Tesla Model S and the newly launched Model X SUV, other car manufacturers have started adopting the electric car concept.

Joining the race will be Aston Martin with their new electric Rapide concept car.

The car manufacturer has showcased their new concept for the first time to the general public. They earlier made a promise to important people including Prince William, Duke of the Cambridge, Duchess of Cambridge and Xi Jinping, the President of China. After promising so many important people in the world, it is evident that Aston Martin is supposed to keep up their promise. They have created the Rapide concept which is now being displayed at the London Lancaster House. The royal meeting to control emission and help companies make electric cars was held in the same location sometime back.

Aston Martin has officially released a video to showcase the prowess of their newly launched vehicle. Speaking about the launch, Andy Palmer, CEO of the company said that the RapidE concept is proof that the company is capable of creating powerful cars which are emission free yet highly enjoyable on the road. “Zero emission sports cars were our primary goal and we have managed to achieve”, added the CEO.

The initiative is part of the effort by the government to showcase the best of Britain that could be offered to the world. The car model will not only be handled by Aston Martin, but they will have backup from some of the big players funding the electric concept car. China Equity, an investment group from the country will be supporting the automobile manufacturer and will help them make it happen in due time.

If everything goes as planned, Aston Martin, in association with Chinese Equity, will be able to launch the electric RapidE car to the general public within next two years. At the same time, Tesla, the leaders in the all-electric market has promised to come up with a cheap sedan. It will probably be priced at $35,000 which is exceptionally cheap and will offer great mileage, above 200 or so, making it easier for people to rely it on for long distance journey. The existing Model S and Model X already offer over 250 miles on a single charge.

In order to convince the buyers, car makers have to beat the benchmark set by Tesla. You may have to wait a couple of years before its mainstream.

Hillary Clinton Cockily Shrugs off Accusations Regarding Wiping off Data from Email Servers

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential forerunner, cockily shrugged off accusations from reporters regarding wiping off data from her email servers during her time as one of the 20 high-ranking officials with access to classified material in the Obama administration.

The ex-First Lady bristled in anger when she was repeatedly questioned on how she used a home-based ‘mom-and-pop’ that ran from an attic and hardly had any security features. She claimed she had no idea how ‘this works digitally’ and retorted with a cocky ‘like with a cloth?’ when a reporter pestered her with wiping off data queries.

She denied all allegations and said she had no idea that anything important or classified missing was from her servers although she defended her decision not to hand over personal mail for investigation as she deemed it private and not accessible to the public. She, however, admitted that using a private email server was very inconvenient and she ought not to have used it at all and she would definitely not repeat the mistake.

Hilary Rodham Clinton also claimed that she would have known if anything ‘top secret’ was sent from her personal server as it would be deemed ‘classified’. Countering this argument and calling it bizarre and nonsensical, an aide to a member of the Republican party, said that with her experience and knowledge, she would definitely know that ‘classified’ messages are not ‘top secret’ and ‘sensitive’ because of the ‘stamps’ they bear but by the critical contents they contain.

Platte River Networks, the service provider in Denver, that was servicing and maintaining Clinton’s email server, had known connections to John Hickenlooper, the Democratic Colorado Governor. However, it is unclear if they had any connections to Hillary Clinton. Tera Dadiotis, an ex-employee of the ‘mom-and-pop’ outfit as she calls it seemed quite surprised that someone of Hillary’s status would use such a small and insignificant service provider who was running the business from an attic.

She confirmed that while she was working in Platte River Networks, they literally maintained the server racks in the bathroom and she was sure that there were hardly any resources to cover the security needs of such a high-ranking government official. Tera mentioned that the shop did not even have an alarm installed as a security feature. It is also believed that most of the employees of the service provider never knew that Hillary Clinton was a customer.

The FBI reportedly now has Clinton’s servers and it appears that an attempt has been made to wipe off some data from it. But sources at FBI claimed that the missing data could be recovered.

Toyota Tacoma 2016 is an Incredible Mid-sized Truck; Pricing Starts at $24,200

The Toyota Tacoma 2016 edition is an impressive mid-sized truck without questions and for anyone, who might need one without exceeding their budget, this should be the ideal choice to go with.

The 2016 edition of their popular series was unveiled in the month of January this year. With the official launch of the truck coming close by, Toyota has come out of their hibernation to officially announce the pricing and models that will be made available to consumers soon. The basic model which has a conventional two wheel drive starts at $24,200, but if you are looking for something more rugged and reliable, it is mandatory to increase the budget.

Tacoma 4×2 SR Access Cab is the first model which will probably set the buyers back with a decent price tag of $23,300. The vehicle is powered by a 2.7 liter four cylinder engine and will have all the basic features expected on a Toyota truck. It includes a 6.1-inch touch screen audio system, Bluetooth support, mounted Go Pro came and the amazing utility package which is exclusive to the SR series.

When you opt to go for the next SR5 Access Cab, the pricing jumps to $26,285, but it has its own perks. The truck has a built-in navigation app that works with phones, leather wrapped steering wheel and a bigger 4.2 inch LCD color panel to control the infotainment system. It also includes fog lights, tinted rear window and wipers with variable intermittent to face harsh climatic conditions.

For the truck enthusiast, the TRD Sport variant from Toyota – a 4×2 access cab priced at $30, 565 is a great choice. The vehicle has a 17-inch aluminum wheels to run easy on rugged roads, has LED daytime lamps, space to install a 400-watt AC outlet if required and wireless charging facility for smartphones. The Entune infotainment system is huge with a 7-inch display and provides HD radio on the go, live traffic updates, truck apps among other functionalities.

The Toyota Tacoma 2016 variants are quite expansive which makes it easier for the buyer to choose a variant that best suits their requirement. Apart from the models mentioned above, there’s also the TRD off road model for $31,665 which comes with additional features like crawl control, hill descent control and low speed cruise control to give better stability for frequent off-road drivers. Toyota has also announced a Limited Lexus pickup truck which starts at $35,645.

401K Plans: When You Can Withdraw, When You Can’t

Millions of Americans enjoy the benefits of a 401K account. Simply put a A 401k account is a tax-advantaged, employer-sponsored retirement saving tool. You get to contribute money on a pre-tax basis, essentially diverting it from your paycheck into your account. A Roth 401K works much like a Roth IRA, taking post-tax contributions, which eventually can be withdrawn tax-free.

There are rules about when you can withdraw money from your 401K. You will want to avoid taxes and penalties on early withdrawals, they are significant.

Standard withdrawals both traditional and Roth 401k accounts, begin at age 59 1/2. At age 70 1/2 you must take required minimum distributions and Internal Revenue Service has rules about how much.

Non-standard withdrawals is where most people get in trouble. The rules are very stringent as you might expect. Below are a few circumstances that a person may be able to make a non-stamdard withdrawal.

  • You can withdraw money before age 59 1/2, but unless you qualify for a hardship withdrawal, you’ll likely be socked with a 10% early withdrawal penalty.
  • If you leave an employer at or after age 55, you can start withdrawing from the 401k you have there. People leaving jobs as police officers, firefighters, or medics at age 50 or later can do so, too.
  • If you’re extremely and permanently disabled, you may be able to withdraw funds early, without penalty.

Those rules look easier than they actually are and seemingly rules change everyday about 401k plans. Remember 401 k account are for retirement, they are not to be used for emergency funds.

Early 401 (k) withdrawals may be necessary in some cases but you should avoid them until all other options are exhausted

Legionnaires Disease: Officials Investigating Cause in Florida Hotel

An investigation continues after three confirmed cases of Legionnaires disease was documented at in Altamonte Springs, Florida hotel. Health officials began investigating the SpringHill Suites Hotel Altamonte Springs after being notified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“During early May, two cases of Legionnaires’ were reported to us from the CDC,” Florida Department of health official spokeswoman, Mirna Chamorro said.

“They both stayed at the same hotel.”

Officials sent letters to all guests who stayed there between March 25 and April 24, said Chamorro.

Chamorro said the hotel is safe for guests to stay in the and spa and hotel were reopened days after inspection.

Meanwhile in Lacey, Washington a motel that closed voluntarily after three cases of Legionnaires disease has reopened. Thurston County says the Super 8 Motel reopened after completing water treatment recommendations issued by county health officials.

Symptoms of Legionnaires disease are similar to pneumonia and include fever, tiredness, aches and pains,  cough, chest pain and diarrhea and usually last between two and 10 days.

Two Florida Men Steal Backhoe, ATM Machine, Caught

Police arrested two Clewiston, Florida men who allegedly used a stolen backhoe to steal a bank ATM from a branch in Winter Haven Florida.

Police sais, Francisco Hernandez, 54, and Jesus Antonio Sanchez, 50, stole a backhoe from a construction site Friday night and used it to tear down the structure housing the ATM.

Around 11:45 p.m, officers responded to an alarm at the CenterState Bank In Winter Haven. and found the building that houses the ATM demolished and the ATM gone.

Sometime later police noticed a suspicious ford pickup truck with an ATM in the bed.  Earlier at the scene of the crime, Sanchez and Hernandez were then able to load the ATM into the bed of the truck and drive off, police said.

Hernandez also had an outstanding Hendry County arrest warrant for violation of probation, and Sanchez was on probation for grand theft, according to police

Surveillance video caught the two men in action with  the backhoe.

Fish Oil Benefits Brought into Question

Americans spend about $1.2 billion annually for fish oil pills and related supplements, even though research indicates that it provides no evidence of a health benefit.

The benefits of using fish oil supplements is widely discussed in the health industry. The National Institutes of Health seems to be conflicted on its own website. One article on the website endorses taking fish oil supplements, saying they are likely effective for heart disease, because they contain the ‘‘beneficial’’ fatty acids known as omega-3, while another suggests that, in fact, the fish oil pills seem useless: ‘‘Omega-3s in supplement form have not been shown to protect against heart disease.’’

‘Unfortunately, it’s a common situation,’’ said John Ioannidis, a professor at Stanford University who has critiqued the methods and findings in nutritional research.”

So who is the public to believe?

The American Heart Association recommends that some people with heart disease ‘‘may want to talk to their doctor about [omega-3] supplements.’’ But when the association was asked for an expert to explain the recommendation, that expert, former AHA president Robert Eckel, said that the recommendation needs to be revised.

‘‘AHA guideline committees are always reviewing guidelines and assessing whether updates are needed,’’ an AHA spokesperson said.

  • According to WebMD, findings show omega-3 fatty acids may help to:
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce triglycerides
  • Slow the development of plaque in the arteries
  • Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm
  • Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke
  • Lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease

There seems to be some disagreement