2022 Mercedes Benz EQS redefines lavishness and promises incredible performance

2022 Mercedes Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz ultimately has taken the curtains off its latest EQS electric sedan. The gigantically lavish car can generate up to 516 hp and can meet 475 miles. It can effortlessly meet the benchmark of 0-60 in just 4.1 seconds being at its best of 130 mph. Now EQS is going to be the first all-out electric Mercedes Benz to hit the roads of the United States.

News around this new Mercedes-Benz has been surfacing in regular intervals. Earlier this month, details around its recommended range of 478 miles for EQS 450+, along with EQS 580 were made available. The single motor 450+ edition comes with 329 hp along 406 pound-feet torque, which indeed is adequate for meeting 0-60 sprint in 5.5 seconds. According to Mercedes, they are not sure about meeting a similar range within the EPA test cycle, though they are hopeful to cross at least 400 miles.

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This 2022 EQS is going to lock horns with the Porsche Taycan, Audi E-Tron GT, and Tesla Model S in the United States, after hitting the stores in fall 2021. The EQS is going to bring incredible safety features and promises whole arrangements for the user’s comfort, ranging from lane centering, automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, to adaptive cruise control. According to Mercedes, the EQS comes with an integrated wireless smartphone and facility of device charging, including six USB-C charging ports.

Now both these can only match the highest speed of 130, which indeed is not very significant in comparison with the standard set by Tesla. However, one must consider that these are after all not the AMG models. Moreover, as far as the native performance segment of Mercedes is concerned, the straight-line speed has never really been an issue.

Coming to dual-motor, the EQS 580 comes with 516 hp along 611 lb-ft, and can meet 0-60 times in 4.1 seconds. Well, the only thing common about both is the maximum speed, which is 130 mph. There is a back-end axle steering unit available in 4.5 degrees and 10-degree versions, along with adaptive air suspension.

The interior of the electric sedan was revealed by Mercedes in March, including the incredible “Hyperscreen” establishment along with OLED displays with the 56-inch glass surface.

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It’s apparent that Mercedes has emphasized a lot on styles working meticulously on it. Specifically, the taillights featuring captivating helical LED elements, and the sturdy front grille with compact Mercedes logos look really cool. Each of the headlights comes with striped elements to hold EQS with S-Class.

On a whole, the EQS falls into the larger segments of Sedan. However, it has been designed really smart to meet well with the styling. The 205.4 inches long vehicle thus is only a couple of inches smaller in comparison to S-Class. The best part, Mercedes makes most of this size through the EVA platform, which is meant explicitly for S-Class. Interestingly, the wheels have been pushed further towards the edge of the car thus providing a shorter hood in comparison to the S-Class, but have stretched the cabin providing an incredibly aerodynamic windshield.

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz promises a lot for sport adventure freaks 

2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz spy photos have come up, providing a preview of things to wait for. As evident through the images, it’s very much a small truck having a compact bed within a spacious cabin. Quite similar to the Honda Ridgeline, the Santa Cruz is going to be developed on a unibody platform. In terms of size though it appears moreover like a competitor of compact Ford Maverick, rather than a mid-level truck.

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Though Hyundai hasn’t called it a ‘truck’ anywhere so far, the SUV pick-up with four doors borrows an impression from that of Hyundai Santa Crux. As per Hyundai, it’s a ‘Sport Adventure Vehicle’. Anyway, it appears like a crossover truck from the exterior with a catchy design, moreover flaunting the Hyundai’s typical edgy design in its body. Despite being smaller in comparison to regular mid-size pickup trucks, the 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup smartly employs the crossover model that makes it quite spacious. All in all, the manufacturers have designed it for all generations.


Coming to the designing and positioning of the grille, it is apparent that the 2022 Santa Cruz is going to have a distinguishing front-end, providing it a hunky appeal over the 2021 Santa Fe. However, the lights are pretty similar to Santa Fe. Noteworthy here is that the headlights are established at a much lower position.  One may claim that the grille has been taken from the new Tucson’s face, but, it is certainly taller in comparison. There are many to compare it with Elantra’s face as well.

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Hyundai’s justifies its claim to call the SUV a ‘Sport Adventure Vehicle’, providing it with a muscular body line. It looks quite tough with an incredibly strong Y-shape crease structure. In terms of windshield, it is quite similar to a crossover, unlike the trucks that have moreover vertical windshields.

According to Hyundai, Santa Cruz is going to have a “flexible bed for gear, cutting-edge connectivity and a highly maneuverable all-wheel-drive platform”, which makes it thoroughly suitable for the adventure freaks. In short, we can expect it to be a grander version of the regular crossovers having an all-wheel-drive model. No need to worry about performance as Hyundai assures about “powerful and efficient engines” in it, and guaranteeing multiple engines.


Coming to the interiors, it’s apparent that Hyundai has picked the idea straight away from the 2022 Tucson crossover, which means Santa Cruz is going to be a compact pickup. The only difference between Santa Cruz and Tucson is perhaps with the trim level. As it is evident, Santa Cruz is very much likely to come with a lower trim level, unlike the Tucson with an upper trim level.  Where the 2021 Tucson flaunts a keyless ignition, the Santa Cruz comes with a regular turnkey ignition system. There is a traditional hood over the gauge cluster. So it can be concluded that Santa Cruz is going to be a Tucson that has a comparatively effective back-end.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is All Set to Thrill the Off-road Adventure Freaks

If you crave adventure with your car, Subaru certainly has something exciting for you, as it comes out with the 2022 Outback Wilderness. This is touted as the most efficient and rugged Outback to have surfaced so far, having incredible off-road efficacy and stability.

With a 40 mm wider body, the 2022 Outback Wilderness can be easily distinguished through its revamped grille and bumpers. Its comparatively larger wheel-arch cladding provides it a much sturdier appeal. Apart from these, the roof rails, window moldings, and mirror caps with black outer trim are some of the features that make it stand out. There is a black hood decal that makes it identical to Ford Mustang Mach 1.

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Subaru claims that the black decal design is meant for lowering the sun glare through off-road rides. Enriched with 225/65R17 all-terrain tires, the 2022 Outback Wilderness provides the perfect arrangement for effective grip essential for off-road trials. This, in combination with a matte-black alloy wheel, makes it even more exciting. To take care of the visibility aspects while riding through the challenging paths, it provides LED hexagonal fog lamps. Ensuring complete protection of the engine, the Outback comes with four skid plates. It keeps the turbocharged 2.4-liter engine intact, though the 2022 Outback Wilderness boosts its efficacy through its off-road suspension design, ultimately coming with a cumulative ground clearance of 241 mm.

To offer greater help for drivers, especially while passing through challenging muddy or icy paths, it comes with an X-MODE function. Additionally, there is roll angle information provided with the X-MODE display. In terms of towing capacity, it stands still at 3,500 pounds or 1,588 Kgs at maximum. However, the fixed-roof rails provide a static load capacity of 700 pounds or 318 Kgs.

Don’t worry about your Outback getting dirty while crossing through the off-road trails as it comes with a much-enduring framework that can be easily cleaned. The all-weather super-soft upholstery along with explicit floor liners made up of rubber (weatherproof) makes it exciting. The interior of the Outback feels incredible to touch through explicit an anodized copper-finish.

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Subaru claims that a whole range of safety arrangements has been provided for the equipment. There is a front-view camera meant for providing a closer 180-degree view upfront, which can be useful while driving at the junctions and while passing through contracted trails with huddles throughout. Moreover, if you want a vehicle in terms of performance, rather than mere looks, then this is the one you should go with.

The 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness is all set to be available with Canadian dealers this spring, but there is no clarity regarding the price.

2022 BMW M2 Spy Shots Are In: Photos & Specs are Here

The 2022 BMW M2 which was kept under wraps for a very long time has finally been revealed, not officially though.

We have managed to grab some spy shots of the car along with a slew of information that should keep the BMW lovers glued to it until the manufacturer is ready to make the announcement.

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We still have a full year before the M2 hits dealership because the vehicle is slated for launch in 2022. The BMW M2 Coupe directly competes with the likes of Audi TT RS and Porsche Cayman, with all these cars being designed for those sports car lovers. The newest model will also retain some of the basic elements that made the original so popular and will retain the rear-wheel driving system. It will be powered by a straight-six petrol engine mated to a manual gearbox in the entry-level edition but most buyers may opt for the higher-end automatic gearbox variant.

With the overall design and body of the M2 under wraps, we couldn’t fully make out how the different aspects of the car have been designed. While it does look like the 2 Series edition, the lower front splitter combined with the diffuser and the quad exhaust confirms that the elements that make an M2 the best in the lot have been meticulously retained. The flared wheel arches further provide it an aggressive finish which buyers have come to love over the years and it is being built on top of the proprietary CLAR platform.

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In terms of technology, the 2022 BMW M2 may not be entirely different from other cars further higher in the line-up. Going on par with the M3 and the M4, it will be equipped with stability control technology, brake discs, calipers and adaptive dampers. All these things combined together often make up for the BMW experience but some of the credits should obviously go to the unique design that has been in vogue for decades now.

Powertrain Details

While we couldn’t confirm it officially, the BMW M2 edition will be powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine which is already being used in the BMW M3. The overall capacity of the engine is expected to be at 420bhp. The newest model will be launched in the UK first before it is made available in other regions. The customization option is expected to be higher in this region before it moves onto Europe and other parts of the globe to offer a similar but powerful experience one would expect from a sporty variant like the BMW M2.

2021 Mercedes C Class Has Tons of Technology Updates, Covers 100Kms in Hybrid Range

The company has unveiled the 2021 Mercedes C Class which is on par with other modern cars of the day.

People have started expecting their car to be more like computers, which is what Mercedes offers, by making their car futuristic. It uses fingerprint scanning technology, sensor-based headlights to detect road position and easily connect with your home to understand if it is in a safe zone.

Having a plug-in hybrid power with such massive coverage makes all the difference because it can cover up to 100 kilometers on a single charge. While it certainly is not designed to replace the petrol engine, it still is a considerable one for a C Class sedan from a brand like Mercedes Benz. The new model is a huge refresh after a hiatus that spanned over seven whole years but we could easily claim that the company has done an excellent job in making this as futuristic as possible.

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The pricing varies based on the trimline buyers would pick as it starts at $65,000 which may sound far more affordable while it goes all the way up to $110,000 for higher-end models. The car will be on par with a Tesla model because it is equipped with a Smart Home function to control equipment in your home once there. Similarly, the company will continue to release lots of over-the-air updates to keep the operating system updated in the car. Users can easily change the temperature, lights and electrical appliances using the touchscreen display in the car.

Introducing New Partnerships

The 2021 Mercedes C Class is going to be far more advanced than any car in the line-up as it makes use of Apple Siri’s commands directly. The brand has also partnered with Samsung Smart Home Devices as well as Bosch to complete the ecosystem. It makes it all the more enticing to be able to cover everything with the comfort of your car. The digital headlight technology is completely optional but when equipped it will provide warning signs if you are driving on the wrong side of the road.

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An air balance package is available as an additional purchase which will keep the fragrance levels in the car intact all the time. It keeps refreshing the air from outside while maintaining a pleasant smell on the inside. The dashboard is equipped with a 10.25-inch display which can also be upgraded if needed and the entire infotainment system can be accessed with the help of your fingerprint to make things snappy.

2022 Mercedes Benz SL Interior and Powertrain Revealed in Spy Photos

With every new model being tested in varying weather conditions, the 2022 Mercedes Benz SL is no different.

It was spotted being tested in really cold conditions to ensure the powertrain used in the vehicle could withstand the pressure and this also happens to be a test for the exquisite interiors the company is planning to offer its buyers.

Being an entirely camouflaged car of its kind, we somehow managed to spot many of the design changes that Mercedes is going for. The upcoming SL model was spotted in Sweden where it is often snowy and if we are to remove the camouflage in the vehicle, it would definitely be a sight to behold. The car as rumored will be equipped with a four-cylinder engine combined with a V8 hybrid engine. With almost every last manufacturer moving towards a hybrid variant to offer lesser strain on the planet, it is not only Mercedes but every brand is planning to completely discontinue all-gasoline or diesel engines by 2025.

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A pair of astute spy photographers managed to capture it and we should give them due credit for their work to be going out to capture in this cold weather. The majority of the design element happens to be completely hidden by the camouflage which is expected of any car that is yet to be officially unveiled. Most brands would make changes to their exterior before revealing it to the public but going by the overall outlook, we can confirm that this belongs to the high-performance S series 2022 Mercedes Benz SL category.

Powertrain Details Unveiled

In the front end, the S-Class is equipped with a Panamericana grille combined with a low air intake front grille. There are four square exhaust tips at the back which strongly signify the inclusion of V8-engine, optimally tuned by AMG for Mercedes. The car features 20-inch large alloy wheels and uses Michelin tyres which are supposed to be durable, higher on the grip and is made using a new rubber material.

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Under the hood, the dashboard is quite stylish and futuristic like a Tesla car. It features a large 12.8-inch infotainment system combined with a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. The 2022 Mercedes Benz SL AMG variant will possibly feature a rear-wheel-drive model but higher-end editions will go for a four-wheel drive to make the ride as comfortable as it could get. The vehicle is set to be launched in Australia by 2022.

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2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-Series EV Car Spotted, Camouflaged All the Way

BMW is working on their own variant of electric cars and the 2023 BMW i7 7-Series model could probably one among many vehicles slated for launch.

While we are yet to receive any major updates from the brand, it is safe to say that they are already testing the vehicle in road conditions.

Albeit being heavily camouflaged, it is great to see the car being tested on road and possibly gearing up for a grand launch. The version spotted with the stickers is an electric variant powered by a large battery on the inside. While making all-electric cars could possibly take time for automobile manufacturers to achieve to its full potential, hybrids are definitely on the cards. The 7-series lineup will retain some of the design elements found in BMW cars in the past including a sealed-off grille. Being an electric car, it has also been named the i7 to showcase its significance in this entirely new line-up that is under development.

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There are a couple of prototypes spotted in the wild in which some of them are being equipped with an internal combustion engine. It is unclear whether the company is going for an electric variant and a traditional gasoline-powered car at the same time. The camouflage is rather strong to ensure the Hofmeister Kink C-Pillar is completely hidden but when we take a close look at the pictures, we could make out the design element they are trying to achieve here.

Latest Spy Shots Show More Detail

The true shape of the grille which BMW managed to keep hidden for a long time has been revealed this time. It has a shark nose like finish and also borrows some elements from the G11 7-Series edition. The car will be built on the CLAR platform which will allow them enough space to mount an electric motor and a conventional engine at the same spot, making it the best of both worlds. In this particular model, it is being said that the company will use their 5th gen battery and EV technology.

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Based on the information available now, the 2023 BMW i7 Next Gen 7-series will be equipped with both a mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid setup. It is to be seen if they would include a V8 or the more powerful V12 engine on the inside so as to provide buyers an option to experience maximum performance when they need it.

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Ford Promises to Make Only Electric Cars in Europe by 2030

Major automakers are promising to completely switch over to electric cars in the next five or ten years as the maximum deadline.

As they embrace the world of EVs, Range Rover, Jaguar announced they will no longer make any petrol or diesel cars after five years. Ford joins the line as they confirm they will be fully electric by 2030 in Europe.

All EV cars will be manufactured from 2026 onwards for which the brand has already invested over a billion dollars in their Cologne factory. While the major plan will be implemented only ten years later, for now, they have confirmed that in another four years there will only be plug-in hybrid vehicles or fully electric cars. This will enable the European population to contribute as little as possible to carbon emissions and keep the world a greener one.

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Tesla is obviously at the forefront of this EV revolution as they have managed to push electric cars in literal ways traditional automobile companies would never do. They have even made their way into India where expensive EVs are a far cry but the brand aims to make it a household choice in the next couple of years by producing vehicles in the Indian subcontinent. Competing in Europe is an entirely new game where Ford confirmed that they have all their cars match with zero-emission requirements by 2024.

By 2030, two-thirds of the vehicles sold in Europe will be either a  plug-in hybrid (PHEV) or electric vehicle (EV). Hybrid vehicles will continue to be made at least until 2035 so that customers could get the headroom to make the jump from traditional gasoline-powered cars to a more computer-like car where lots of things can be automated in a sleek frame.

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The first-ever all-electric consumer car will be revealed in Europe by 2023, confirmed by Ford in their statement. They already have the MEB electric architecture on which these future cars will be built and there will be more variants of the platform introduced to accommodate bigger batteries as time progress. The future electric cars from the brand will feature a slew of digital services to make the driving experience seamless and will also be a way to contribute each individual’s fair share to cut down emissions. The current Sync system used in Ford will be stopped in the next two years as Ford also moves to Google’s own infotainment software to make being on the go a fun experience.

2021 Nissan Qashqai Release Date Announced, Specs Detailed

The 2021 Nissan Qashqai will be revealed in an event to be held in the month of February.

The official date has been announced by the company as it will be made available on the 18th of this month. The interesting aspect of this announcement is that we didn’t have to wait days to know about the key specs and the major changes about to be made to this vehicle.

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Joining the many SUVs that Nissan already has in its lineup, the Qashqai will no longer be offered in a diesel edition. With the automobile industry moving towards an electric future, it is easy to understand why diesel is no longer a choice in most vehicles these days. This particular model will be delivered with a mild-hybrid technology which will be paired with a four cylinder turbocharged engine. For buyers who like to take the leap, the ePower hybrid system will be a powerful new addition to the variants offered with this variant.

Specs Detailed

For anyone who is not yet comfortable walking into the hybrid or the newer variants, a conventional 1.3-liter turbo engine variant is also being offered. This particular trimline is a perfect fit for people who are looking for an affordable solution but would like to keep things simple. All the variants surprisingly are going to feature a mild hybrid technology that you may not have to worry much about. It features a 12V system with a 48V battery and allows the vehicle to be easily started or switched off, unlike a conventional petrol engine.

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The conventional 1.5-liter engine will deliver an increased power of 187bhp which includes the power rendered by the electric motor as well. The car generates about 243 lb-feet of torque and features a futuristic dashboard system. Improving the infotainment system and the dashboard functionalities is one of the top priorities for nearly every automaker in 2021. The idea is to make cars far more tech-savvy than they have been as they move from being mechanical products to digital, as companies like Apple are going to step into the industry in the near future.

The 12.3-inch instrument display should be more than enough to know everything at a glance. Your entertainment is taken care of by the 9-inch touchscreen display which supports both Apple AirPlay and Android Auto. The 2021 Nissan Qashqai aims to be a crossover vehicle that blends the best of sedans and SUVs in a comfortable interior which we can confirm when it gets launched this month.

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2022 Mercedes Benz AMG GT73e Four-Door PHEV Coming Soon, Spy Shots In

Mercedes Benz in association with AMG is not going to be left out in the race as the company is already working on a plug-in hybrid variant to be revealed soon.

The spy shots comprise of the upcoming 2022 Mercedes Benz AMG GT73e four-door edition with its regular powertrain. Obviously, they would have tweaked the engine to deliver better than the previous model which was revealed way back in 2017.

Instead of fully enveloping the car with camouflage, the makers have decided to hide the tail light area and some specific zones. It allows us to easily have a glance on the overall design of the car and it remains largely unchanged. The reason why they didn’t choose to hide the entire car confirms that it is going to be a familiar ride for people who already own the GT edition but with minor changes to justify the new launch.

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Even though, the original variant was launched back in 2017, the V-8 engine used in the car was impressive in terms of performance and its sheer power. The newest edition surprisingly will manage to beat all the records set by the older V8 engine and will be a solid launch as it has been slated to hit stores in 2022. In select markets, the new GT73e may possibly get launched towards the end of 2021 which should give us a quick preview of the improvements the manufacturer makes.

Under the Hood Changes

As expected and speculated in the past, the 2022 Mercedes Benz AMG GT73e will be equipped with an amazing V8 engine but a V12 engine is also on the cards. The letter e indicates that it will be a partially electrified variant and make use of plug-in hybrid technology. Under the hood, the car’s AMG tuned engine V8 variant will be a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged variant capable of delivering a whopping 805 horsepower. This is considered to be reserved for the range topping variant.

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The GT 63 S which falls in the lower bracket will be limited to 630 horsepower. The acceleration capability will be higher as it can reach 62mph in just 3 seconds or possibly even less. The GT 63S holds the record at 3.2 seconds with its current model and the new variant should top it up. The pricing of the new variant including the PHEV edition is not known at this point of time. It will be a premium price tag without questions.

BMW M5 CS 2021 Officially Revealed, Pictures and Specs Out Now!

The BMW M5 CS 2021 is a great evolution in the M series which was launched way back in the 80s and continues to be a popular choice today.

The way BMW works in the automobile industry is quite different from its competitors. They have always focused on creating a powerful sports car that the entire family would be comfortable riding in.

In terms of performance, for those who are not introduced to it yet, the BMW E28 M5 is easily the fastest car in the lane and can beat the Porsche 911 which is a complete sports car. The newest addition also expands further by launching an electric power variant combined with the gasoline engine. It can surprisingly seat up to five people with ample comfort and the interiors are designed in a way to make the journey as comfortable as it could get.

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The same elements that made the previous versions have been modified and improved in the newly revealed BMW M5 CS. The car’s pictures should give most buyers a clear idea of how it looks and the features that have witnessed some significant improvement. Under the hood, the vehicle is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine capable of delivering 627 horsepower with 553 lb-feet of torque. It can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds, making it the fastest one out there. The highest level of speed, at around 124mph can be achieved in just 10.4 seconds.

Powerful Specs Combined with a Comfortable Ride

In comparison, the newly unveiled M5 CS edition is pretty much close to the M5 that is already available in the market. There are very minor differences in design and performance as the V8 engine is similar yet it has been tweaked mildly to achieve the improvements. For buyers who are not going to think twice about investing more or simply would want that additional power bump despite being minor, this should be right on their list.

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The car is equipped with an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox combined with an xDrive all-wheel-drive setup. The overall weight of the car has been shaved off which is yet another obvious reason that makes the car faster and sleeker with its overall appeal. The buckled lightweight seats are comfortable and BMW offers a cleaning service subscription to keep it sparkling new at all times. The BMW M5 CS will hit U.S. and other zones in 2022 but will be available in a limited edition from mid of 2021, this year.

Lotus Reveals 2021 Lineup Sports Cars, Elise, Evora and Others Quit the Race

Lotus has officially confirmed that the popular Elise, Evora and Exige will no longer be manufactured owing to the changing automobile industry.

Instead, they are coming up with a series of new sports cars for 2021 which will be their primary lineup for buyers to look into and are being identified with the tag Type 131.

While it is unclear whether these cars will be available in stores this year or not, it is surprising to see the company moving onto completely different models in a competitive scenario. Ever since its launch in 1995, the Lotus Elise is one of the iconic models that buyers have come to love in the decades. The car was built on an aluminum chassis and is considered to be very unique in its design which led to the brand stand out from the other direct competitors in the segment.

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Reviving their lineup, the brand is looking forward to launching a series of new sports cars but it is unclear whether there will be revamped versions of the current cars or something entirely new. Geely purchased Lotus in 2017 and there has been some significant changes in the setup including the inclusion of over 600 new employees to work on the newer models. It is also being mentioned that the newer cars will have a V6 engine combined with a hybrid system, as the auto industry is moving towards electric cars in the next few years.

The Elise, Evora and Exige which are iconic in the Lotus series are entering their final years of production but will no longer be in the mainstream market. The company is preparing to fully retrieve it to create space for the newer models to be provided the limelight it requires to become successful once again. The Evora in its better times around 2008 was a direct competitor for the Porsche 911 which makes it all the more worthy to be a competitor.

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Getting Rid of Old Technologies

All the three cars that made so much fortune and name for the Lotus brand will be retired in 2021 because they are no longer fit for the new world. With Vision 80 as their primary focus and motto for years to come, Lotus CEO Phil Popham commented that they wish to revolutionize the automotive industry yet again with a new lineup of sports cars as Elise did back in the 90s. The three departing models will be celebrated in a grand event around the globe before they are waved off from the stores.

2021 Fiat 500 Variants Revealed in the UK, Specs and Features

The automobile brand has officially unveiled a series of cars for the UK audience. The 2021 Fiat 500 series includes the 500, 500X and 500L variants.

Being a newer version of the car, they have obviously improved everything about the vehicle including its performance, connectivity, interior comfort among many others.

Any buyer who is planning to buy a new car or replace their old Fiat to stick to the brand, this could definitely be a worthy addition to look into. A surprise but the expected announcement is the inclusion of the 500 Electric variants which is scheduled for launch in the near future. The variants available now not only differ in pricing but also have improved features and different powertrains to make it easier for the buyers to make a decision.

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In terms of performance, the entry-level Fiat 500 is equipped with a mild hybrid 1.0-liter powertrain. The engine is capable of delivering about 69 horsepower combined with 68lb-feet of torque. The next in the lineup is obviously better as the 500X delivers about 118 horsepower with a 1.0-liter engine. The 1.3-liter edition is even more powerful as it goes up to 148horsepower while the 500L features a 1.4-liter engine. The variant delivers a moderate 94horsepower which falls in between both these variants.

Additional Variants and Pricing of New Fiat 500 2021 Line-Up

In the United Kingdom, the base Fiat 500 starts at 13,270 GBP while the 500X is at 19,860 and the 500L goes for 18,030 GBP. Going on the highest variant of the Connect trim, you will be able to get some significant improvements in the car including a sports steering wheel with 15-inch alloy wheels, parking sensors and cruise control. The infotainment system will also be improved for an immersive and rich experience when driving the vehicle.

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The pricing of the vehicle and its variants will keep changing based on the Trimline you opt for. Besides, the Sport trim is usually a crowd favorite because of how it significantly improves the overall performance of the car. It includes bespoke badging combined with performance wheels and additional technologies on the interior to update the driver on the car’s current performance. Most vehicle owners love to have that sporty trim and having it in a compact car like the 2021 Fiat 500 makes it all the more appealing especially when it falls in the affordable price range. The car will hit stores in the first half of February.

2021 Honda HR-V Gets Upgraded with iOS and Android Connectivity

The latest edition in the series from the house of Honda has finally been revealed in Malaysia.

Buyers residing in the nation will be able to purchase the 2021 Honda HR-V which will come with a whole lot of new features but iOS and Android connectivity will be one of the primary upgrades to look forward to.

The newest model in the series is the HR-V Sport Hybrid i-DCD which will be equipped with a large 7-inch touchscreen display. The newest infotainment system in the car will support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while additional features include two other USB ports to allow users to use audio files from their own collection. The same can be achieved using Bluetooth on your smartphone but leaving a USB stick plugged in all the time ensures the vehicle is always equipped during long travel.

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In the higher-end variant, the improvements include LED fog lights, LED headlights and tail lights cluster with LED technology. The style quotient is much higher on these pair of lights which were usually found only in V and RS variants of the Honda HR-V. Instead of the existing color variant, known as the Orchid White Pearl, they have opted for a new Platinum White Pearl edition. For utmost comfort, the steering wheel is wrapped in leather and has a three-spoke design providing exceptional grip on your car.

For Malaysian buyers, the 2021 Honda HR-V edition will be delivered in four different variants. The lowest of the lot is the E-edition which costs RM104k while the highest of the variant RS costs RM118,582. For buyers who are willing to go that extra mile while contributing to the planet, the Hybrid i-DCD variant will also be provided but the pricing for the same is not known at this point in time.

Performance and Availability

Being one of the top-selling models in Malaysia, Honda without questions would definitely want to have their focus on the HR-V editions in 2021. Besides, they also enjoy a massive 73% market share in the country as one of the best compact SUVs offered to buyers and integrating some of the newest features is only expected to push sales even further for the automobile brand.

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In their official statement, the CEO of Honda Malaysia commented, “We are always listening to what customers have to say about the cars and the improvements they expected. In this case, Apple CarPlay was a really important feature for them and we decided to implement them in the newest model so that it is easier to drive while accessing multiple features on their phones.”

2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Gets New Black Edition and Improved Kits

Getting an official debut in the U.S. market, the 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport has some exclusive features and upgrades to look forward to.

Buyers planning to go for this large SUV will be able to choose between two unique offerings including the Limited Edition and the Black Edition.

In the Limited Edition, they will be able to get an impressive array of upgrades including 18-inch wheels which are exclusively painted in black. A similar color tone will be maintained on the mirror caps, the grille and the seats but the stitching will be done in red colored thread providing an authentic, exclusive look to the interior of the vehicle.

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In the accompanying Black Edition of the Outlander from Mitsubishi, apart from these black trims found all over the vehicle, it will also include black mirror caps and door handles. It further adds an alloy fuel cap with decals on the side of the car combined with a large rear spoiler and red accents on the 18-inch alloy wheels. Combine them with the exclusive Black Edition badge, you have everything required to make the car as exclusive as it could get.

An Impressive and Stylish Interior Enhancements

A series of enhancements on the inside of the car makes the 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander an excellent drive. It will be equipped with a large 7-inch display and an audio system. In select models and trimlines, users will also be getting an alternative 8-inch smartphone link display audio. As expected, it will support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so that you could seamlessly connect your smartphone to access all of its smart features.

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In terms of powertrain, not so surprisingly the manufacturer didn’t change much. It allows them to provide the car at a similar price tag with slight increase for the cosmetic changes while its performance remains the same. Under the hood, it is powered by a 2.0-liter MiVEC four-cylinder petrol engine capable of delivering about 148 horsepower. The other higher end variant is equipped with a 2.4-liter engine delivering about 168hp combined with 226Nm of torque. The default model uses a front wheel drive setup while an all-wheel drive variant can be purchased for those who like to opt for it.

Safety features are aplenty in the model including Forward collision mitigation and lane departure warning. The 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport edition is priced at $20,995 for the base variant while the higher end GT AWC will sell for $26,995 in the U.S. region.

2021 Toyota C+Pod is a Compact, City Driving EV Solution

While the majority of electric car manufacturers are busy trying to compete with Lamborghinis, Toyota has come up with an extremely practical solution.

Convincing people to purchase EVs for their long travels while gas stations are still the fueling option could be hard. Instead, the 2021 Toyota C+pod is a city driving solution that is made of plastic and is primarily meant for those who often drive in congested situations.

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The major cities of the world like New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo are often filled with traffic up to the brim. Moving in your gasoline-powered car leads to a lot more fuel usage and hurts the planet with its emission. Besides, creating an excellent electric car that could travel hundreds of miles on a single charge is still years away. People adopting it and making it affordable for the masses is no easy task which is why this one seems to be a more possible answer.

Concept Car Aimed at Legal Bodies

According to Toyota, its target audiences are government people and private companies. This car can be used on the side of the roads or within a huge working campus similar to the one Google has. People can easily move from one point to another. The super-compact BEV concept car is packed with a 9.2kW motor capable of delivering just 12.3 horsepower. It makes it completely safe to be used in literally any environment including office spaces. The car can also be driven around on the pavement if needed without affecting people’s movement.

In terms of performance, it also includes 41 lb-feet of torque and the top speed is at 37 mph or 60 kilometers per hour. It is fast enough to be driven anywhere and safe for indoor or use within a particular premise. Besides, this also encourages a lot of people to park their conventional cars in the parking space and make use of these alternatives in their zone.

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The total coverage is at 93 miles in a single charge which is more than enough for a whole day of use and it can be fully charged in 5 hours. The overall weight of the 2021 Toyota C+Pod is very less allowing it to generate maximum power combined with improved battery life. The plastic car is available in Cyan and Orange colors as well as other variants with a metallic finish. The total weight of the car is 1,477 lbs or 670 kgs making it sturdy enough for the commute. It is priced at $16,554 for the top of the line variant and was launched on the 25th of December in Japan.