Justin Bieber Bares Open his life: Selena Gomez, Childhood Stardom, Family, Religion, Relationships


Ahead of the release of his fourth album titled Purpose, Justin Bieber, bared open his life, making public his feelings for his ex-flame, Selena Gomez.

Additionally, he opened about his childhood stardom, his family, his religion and his relationships.

The 21-year-old singer who has been in the midst of multiple legal battles has been in the process of overhauling and fixing his personal life just ahead of the release of his new album, Purpose, due on November 14.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer told billboard.com, “I want to veer away from the self-centered attitude. I’m just focused on the people who have been there since the start, on people who are taking the journey now. I want them to feel like we’re doing this together”.

He admitted his nervousness regarding his new album which features 19 tracks and includes guest-artists Skrillex and Arianne Grande. Bieber added that it is not easy to make meaningful numbers that are simply made for dancing. He said that in the past he has been compelled by labels to record songs that he actually did not like.

In this album, however, Bieber is expressing himself openly and hence he could not leave out important moments and people in his life including ex-girlfriend and his parents. The relationship of Bieber and Gomez has been off and on multiple times and currently they have been separated since 2014.

He reportedly told Billboard that he is very proud of Gomez and added that if one loves another with such intensity then that love never dies. He admitted that he has not yet listened to her already-released new album as he does not know that she says about him.

Regarding childhood stardom, Bieber warned people that it is not easy to be a child star. He said, “It’s the toughest thing in the world. I want people to be more kind to young celebrities”. Referring to Kylie Jenner, he added that she has been facing a camera since she was a kid and the camera followed her whenever she went. This affects the thinking process and taints the mind of the child. This is especially so for girls in the music and entertainment industry, he warned.

He also said that he is still struggling ‘within the walls of fame’. Although the fame seems great from outside, he feels like he is constantly being judged. He came alive and swinging; however, he almost let the fame completely destroy him.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Surprise Duet Released: Claim They Have Been Working on it For Months

The on-off relationship of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is again lit up as a surprise duet collaborated and song by them has been released.

The number dubbed, ‘Strong’ and rumored to reflect their own rocky relationship, is something that the two celebrity singers have been working on for months. The new duet was played on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio recently.

The release of ‘Strong’ has created a lot of excitement as fans and media are again looking at the two of them getting together. Selena, 23, and Justin Bieber, 22, have been working and collaborating on this song for some months now, reported Hollywoodlife.com.

The source told Hollywoodlife.com that Justin and Selena did not record the song together and that they worked on it separately; however, both were very involved in the creating and the writing process of the number. Even though they were not the main song writers, they have been given credit as writers along with others.

The source added, ‘This has been planned for months and they have been working on it at the same time that they were working on their own albums’. Justin feels that collaborating would be very therapeutic for both of them and their past could lead to some excellent business propositions as they were both aware of how the other ticks.

‘Strong’ is a slow jam-number that talks about a brutal, complicated relationship. The lyrics convey that both are trying very hard to give each other as much love as they can and yet they are messing up. Selena starts the song with, ‘There’s no sophistication in my lack of patience. I’m just wishing you were better at communication’.

The song then goes on to give their independent opinions on how to overcome a difficult breakup. Bieber later sings, ‘What should I do? Should I go? Who do I talk to? Nobody knows. Who knows the answer to all of my questions? When will I get over this?”

Enthiran 2 – The Robot to Feature Superstar Rajinikanth Battle With Arnold Schwarzenegger of Terminator Fame

Superstar Rajinikanth, the South Indian superstar, will battle with Terminator-fame and the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Robot sequel dubbed Robot 2.

If this information is true, then Arnold will be making his first appearance in Indian films and fans seem thrilled to bits with the news.

The Hollywood star, famous for his role as an indestructible Android robot in the Terminator series, is expected to be seen as a rogue robot in Robot – 2, director Shankar’s upcoming grandiose venture.

The director confirmed that Arnie, as he is fondly referred to, will be in India for 25 days during January 2016 and his shooting schedule has been locked around Rajinikanth’s schedule. Arnold was also seen at the audio release function of Shankar’s Vikram-starrer, ‘I’.

The prequel of Enthiran 2 was called Robot or Enthiran and featured Rajinikanth in a double role; one as a brilliant scientist and another one as a robot, Chitti who turns against the scientist. Robot bagged two National Awards including for Best Production Design and for Best Special Effects.  Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan played his love interest in Robot which was named ‘Enthiran’ in Tamil.

Enthiran or Robot was said to be the most expensive Indian film made till SS Rajamouli released his magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ which broke this record and also sent box office registers ringing to record highs. Shankar is now looking to get back that number one position with his Robot – 2, the sci-fi drama, in which Rajinikanth will be reprising his role.

Rajinikanth’s another highly-anticipated movie that is in the making is ‘Kabali’ where he plays the role of an underworld don. The shooting for ‘Kabali’ is reportedly taking place in Chennai studios. Moreover, some sequences are scheduled to be shot in Malaysia too. The director, PA Ranjith, has indicated that Rajinikanth will not come across as the quintessential showman and superstar that his fans know him for in Kabali. Instead, his well-known yet forgotten acting skills will be brought to the fore, he added.

PA Ranjith intends to show fans that Rajinikanth can pull off a character closer to his age as wonderfully well as he can deliver ostentatious one-liner punch dialogues while effortlessly tackling a host of baddies in a fight sequence.

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Taylor Swift ‘Power’ Talk: Give Insight about Lessons Learnt

Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, three powerful women in the music and entertainment industry, spoke about the concept of ‘Power’ and what lessons they have learnt during their journey.

The thoughts were specifically about women in the race and power game that is generally more difficult in a male- and white-dominated society.

Jennifer Lawrence wrote an essay for Lena Dunham’s newsletter Lenny in which she candidly showcased her ire when she found out from a leak that her male co-stars in ‘American Hustle’ including Christian Bale, Jeremy Renner and Bradley Cooper were paid more than she was, reported Washington Post.

She said that when she heard of these updates, she was angry with herself more than anybody. She wrote in the essay, ‘I got mad at myself. I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn’t want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don’t need’.

However, Jennifer Lawrence added that quite frankly the reason she gave up so early was that need to be liked that made her decide to give in early during the negotiations without putting up a fight. She didn’t want to come across as ‘spoilt’ or ‘difficult’.

The ‘Hunger Games’ star went on to write about a common issue faced by women. When a woman talks authoritatively, she is considered ‘difficult’ and when a man speaks in the same manner, he is just called authoritative.  She wrote that she has had enough to playing the ‘please-all’ role.

Rihanna spoke to Miranda July, the author/director, in an interview with New York Times, which covered myriad topics including childbirth, music, etc. During this interview, July asked Rihanna her opinions on race and power.

July wanted to know how it is being a young black woman with abundant power in America. She, however, felt that Rihanna was probably a wrong candidate for the question as she is ‘postracial’ now. Hence, she asked RiRi to reflect on her past and tell her how she felt when she was made to be aware of her race when she first moved to New York.

The ‘Diamonds’ singer replied that she started experience the ‘race’ difference only during negotiations of business deals which means that people are fine with a young black woman dancing, singing, looking and partying. However, when brokering a deal, she is made aware of her race.

Rihanna added, ‘And, you know, that never ends, by the way. It’s still a thing. And it’s that thing that makes me want to prove people wrong.’ The anger she feels for such attitude is so much that it almost excites her to show them the unexpected and go beyond the perceptions that they already have regarding her.

Taylor Swift came out in the open during Chuck Klosterman’s cover story for GQ regarding the issue of power. During the course of the story, one aspect seems to have made the ‘Bad Blood’ singer bristle with anger. Klosterman referred to a time when one of her acquaintances dubbed her ‘calculating’. The interview said that Swift really hates the word and the fact that the phrase has got stuck to her image.

She retorted, ‘Am I shooting from the hip?’ If she was ‘shooting from the hip’ without thinking things through, would all the success have come to her the way it has. Taylor Swift further said that she is happy the referred acquaintance spoke about something positive that she thinks about things and that she cares for her work and hence plays tough business games well.

Swift added that one can be successful for 3-4 years, accidentally; however, careers demand hard work.  She means to say that she is tired of people writing and talking about her by linking her good business sense to her personal life.

Selena Gomez Reveals Reasons for Spending Time at Rehab: Lupus, Break Up with Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez revealed her reasons for spending time at a rehabilitation center voluntarily during January 2014. She was diagnosed with Lupus and was undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

Moreover, she added that the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber also created a lot of mental stress and she needed professional help.

In January 2014, the ‘Heart Wants What it Wants’ singer had checked into a rehab center after being diagnosed for lupus and to get help to sort out some personal issues. She recently confirmed this news and said that she had to undergone chemotherapy too for the lupus.

Such a traumatic phase combined with plenty of personal issues including a bitter breakup with Justin Bieber compelled her to take professional help and that is why she checked in for rehabilitation and not for rumored substance abuse.

The ‘Revival’ singer voluntarily admitted herself to a rehab center at Arizona called Meadows. She was dealing with the painful effects of chemotherapy for lupus treatment and was batting a lot of personal issues.

During that time, she was in the midst of a breakup with her longtime beau and teenage sensation, Justin Bieber. Being the fighter she is, she refused to give up and decided to take on her woes head-on.

She revealed to Hollywoodlife.com, ‘I’ve been working in therapy and this is the best I’ve ever felt’. This transparent acceptance of pain and struggle delighted her fans and friends as it could serve as a lending hand to other quietly struggling celebrities who can benefit by coming out in the open.

The 23-year-old pop star-actress from Texas has been a celebrity since her childhood. Not many child stars have done very well. Gomez, on the contrary, has managed to stay afloat by making correct choices, by not getting bogged down by stress and personal issues and focusing on the right amount and type of work at each growth level.

Her latest album, Revival, is already doing well and is headed for the top of the charts. Her open acceptance of her struggles has made her fans (and some of them are diehard fans since Disney days) feel more connected to her.

Selena Gomez Plays Newly Friend Game with Lilly Singh: Chooses Favorite ‘Revival’ and Taylor Swift Songs

Selena Gomez played the ‘Newly Friend Game’ with Lilly Singh, the YouTube star and a self-proclaimed huge SelGo fan.

She chose Kill ‘Em with Kindness’ from Revival as her favorite and was in a dilemma to choose between ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’ from Taylor Swift’s repertoire and ended up choosing both.

Lilly Singh invited Selena Gomez to play a round of the ‘Newly Friend Game’ in her YouTube channel, which has over 6.8 million subscribers. The game involves friends answering questions about themselves; however, they need to guess what the other person’s answer was before giving their own response.

Selena Gomez had just met Lilly Singh; the latter being a huge fan of the former was at an advantage during the game as the YouTube star whispered into the camera that she knows all about the ‘The Heart Wants what it Wants’ singer.

On being asked to name her favorite number from her latest album, ‘Revival’, Selena Gomez chose ‘Kill ’Em with Kindness’. Lilly Singh also chose the same song as she thought that ‘lyrics-wise’, this was one of her best.

Singh observed, ‘I feel like this is one of your mantras to deal with a lot of stressful times in your life and I feel like you have tweeted it twice’.

Gomez agreed with both her observations and said that each morning she wakes up and there are people who will give her their worst and it is so easy to be mean. Gomez added, ‘I’m Latin; I can be mean real fast, if I want. But I don’t feel good about myself and I think people need to hear a message like this.’

On being asked to choose her favorite Taylor Swift, she was stumped and said that it was so hard to choose her favorite from among her BFF’s songs. Finally, she opted for two including ‘Bad Blood’ (she features in the video) and Swift’s latest number ‘Wildest Dreams’. The YouTube star too named ‘Wildest Dreams’ as her favorite.

Other aspects about Gomez and Singh that were revealed during the game included: Gomez was very bad at responding to text messages; Singh is ‘the worst in relationships’, the most awful rumor that SelGo has heard about herself is ‘every single one’.

Towards the end of the game, Gomez felt her hand through Lilly Singh’s luscious hair to ensure that is real and adds a joking comment, ‘Mine, however, is very fake’.

American Music Awards: Taylor Swift Wins Six Nominations; Enrique Iglesias Could Get his Seventh

The American Music Awards nominees were announced recently and Taylor Swift won six nominations. She could become the ‘most honored female artist’ in the history of AMA if all she wins all the six awards.

Enrique Iglesias is in the fray for his seventh AMA.

Taylor Swift’s nominations include artist for the year; her ‘Blank Space’ has won the nomination for song of the year; ‘Bad Blood’, her collaborative album with Kendrick Lamar and her hit ‘1989’ are in the fray for album of the year.

Swift has won 16 AMAs as of now, as against the highest of 21 won by Whitney Houston. So, if the ‘Bad Blood’ singer wins all the six awards for which she has been nominated this year, then she will beat the Whitney Houston’s record for the most number by a female artist in the history of the American Music Awards since its launch in 1974. Michael Jackson holds the record of 24 AMAs, the highest number won by any artist.

The Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Bailando’ crossed the one billion mark on YouTube views. He has the opportunity to win his seventh AMA if he gets the favorite artist award in the Latin category. Other nominees for this award include Ricky Martin, the Puerto Rican pop singer, and Romeo Santos, the Dominican-American bachatero.

Taylor Swift is vying for the artist of the year award along with nine other nominees, including Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, the Weeknd, Luke Bryan, One Direction, Maroon 5 and Ariana Grande. The list of nominations will be reduced to just five by Nov 11 through fan votes.

Her ‘Blank Space’ video is in the fray for song of the year award along with Wiz Khalifa’s ‘See You Again’, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mar’s ‘Uptown Funk’, Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’, and Weeknd’s ‘Can’t Feel My Face’.

Besides Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘1989’, Sam Smith’s ‘In the Lonely Hour’ and Sheeran’s ‘x’ are nominees for the album of the year. New artist nominees include Fetty Wap, Hunt, the Weeknd, Tove Lo and Walk the Moon.

The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran, hoping for their first AMA, have won five nominations each, while Nicki Minaj, Sam Hunt, Walk the Moon, Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor have got three nominations each. Rihanna and Beyonce have the chance the break the present record in the favorite soul artist category. Both of them have already won this award four times along with Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin.

The nominations for the American Music Awards are based on a scale that combines social activity, sales and airplay. These factors are tracked and followed by Billboard magazine along with its partners. The winners are ascertained though fan votes on the show’s website or through Twitter and Facebook.

The American Music Awards show, to be hosted by Jennifer Lopez and aired live on ABC, will be held at the Microsoft theatre in Los Angeles.

Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Album Cover Released: Shows Her First Day in Day Care Picture with Braille Writings

Rihanna released the album cover of her new album ‘Anti’ which shows a picture of her first day in day care.

The cover page, designed by Ray Nachum and released at a private viewing in Los Angeles, also had Braille writings reflecting a deep meaning which the singer explained. She said that the reason behind using Braille was that people who can see are sometimes the ones who are the blindest.

Rihanna’s eighth album has been very long in the making, nearly 3 years after her seventh album in 2012. Although fans and music experts believe that since the ‘Diamonds’ singer gave out seven albums in seven consecutive years before that, taking longer for the eighth one is fine. However, three years is a long gap, they believe.

The delay in the release of Rihanna’s eighth album has only fueled expectations with scattered interviews, releases of various singles and the never ending rumors floating in the media.

RiRi is famous for adopting new trends in innovative ways and better than her peers. While most of her songs were pop-based, she employed sharper and darker Rhythm and Blues sounds in her 2012’s ‘Unapologetic’.

Then again in the ‘FourFiveSeconds’ hit which she collaborated with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, she delivered a largely acoustic track, even though the song did not do excellently. Subsequently, her ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ was completely hip-hop. With multiple singles being released randomly, there seemed to be no concrete news of her eighth album dubbed R8 at that time, now, maybe probably called Anti.

Last year she had put up two snippets on Instagram with teasers of her new album. In one, she trilled, ‘None of this shit promised, none of it promised.’ This snippet also featured foghorn blasts and rumbling bass. The second one was more radio friendly and lighter and was named ‘Kiss it better’ and featured the provocative voice of Rihanna accompanied by funky silky guitar sounds.

The confirmed collaborators for the eighth album are DJ Mustard who has worked with Miley Cyrus for her ‘Feelin’ Myself’ and with Fergie for ‘LA Love’ and has also produced will.i.am. DJ Mustard is expected to bring the hip-hop flair to Anti. Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and David Guetta are also known to be collaborating with RiRi for her new album. Other unconfirmed team members for Anti include Sia, Sam Smith, Ne-Yo and Alicia Renee.

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Decide to Cool off from Hot Whirlwind Romance

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris reportedly have decided to cool off from their hot whirlwind romance. Since early August, the two who have been very open till then about showing off affection for each other, have not been seen together and have avoided all public displays of affection.

There has been a lot of speculation in the media that the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris relationship is in disarray. A source reportedly said to Yahoo News that the relationship between the Scottish DJ and the ‘Bad Blood’ singer zoomed from 0 to 60 in just a few weeks and hence the inevitable crash seems evident.

Moreover, rumors about their marriage is seeming to freak them out as neither is ready for that kind of commitment, added the source. Calvin Harris appears to have been overwhelmed by the continuous talks and rumors regarding his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Consequently, it seems now that the two celebrities have decided to take at least a temporary break from their whirlwind romance, perhaps, hoping for the hype and speculation surrounding them to cool off before thinking of rebooting their relationship.

Another reason for the cooling off period doing the rumor rounds is that Taylor Swift was purportedly very upset by a photograph showing Calvin Harris coming out of a rather shady and cheap massage parlor in Sunset Boulevard. Reports mentioned that Harris spent about two hours at the Thai spa which cost him a mere $40 per hour.

The ‘Shake it off’ singer was purportedly livid at the news and felt humiliated that her boyfriend was seen coming out of a sleazy and shady place and told him that she wanted to break off immediately.

Other sources are also reporting that Calvin Harris also has his share of complaints against Taylor Swift and her annoying habits, including spending too much time with her Girls’ squad. Calvin Harris was quite upset that her gal pals are always around them whenever they choose to hang out alone as a couple.

Apparently, both the celebrities now seem to think that it was a mistake to take their relationship to such intense levels and become public so soon. The couple seems to be going through a rough patch and fans and friends are hoping that they will pull through and be back together soon.

Nicki Minaj Instructs Miley Cyrus on Black-White Racism: Their Famous Feud Continues Unabated

Nicki Minaj did not allow an opportunity to go by as she instructed Miley Cyrus on black-white racism during an interview with the Times Magazine.

Perhaps, an unlikely setting for celebrity feuds to be showcased, yet Nicki Minaj hit out at Miley Cyrus for her attitude on stage during the MTV Video Music Awards held in August.

On being questioned by the interviewer of the New York Times about that MTV VMA moment, the ‘Anaconda’ singer had this to say about Cyrus, ‘You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t know how black women feel about something that’s so important?’

Like most feuds of today, the Miley Cyrus-Nicki Minaj feud’s starting point can be pinpointed to a tweet from Minaj. During the nominations to the MTV VMA awards, Nicki Minaj had tweeted multiple messages which implied that videos with ‘slim women’ such as Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ or Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ had better chances of winning awards than her ‘Anaconda’.

Many celebrity singers including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars responded sharply to these tweets from Minaj. However, after some time, the tweet battles ended in a stalemate with exchanges of blowing-kiss emoticons and peace called for.

Then, Miley Cyrus reopened this issue when during her interview with Times Magazine, she commented on the tweets with, ‘You made it about you. Not to sound like a bitch, but that’s like, ‘Eh, I didn’t get my VMA’. She continued the rather nasty tirade against Minaj by adding that the tweets sounded just like Nicki Minaj is an unkind and impolite person.

During the actual awards ceremony in August, the two celebrities hugged each other and then Nicki Minaj lashed out at the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer so badly that her mike was actually cut out. Yet she continued talking and it was quite easy to lip-read what she was saying to Cyrus.

The Times interview seems to reiterate Minaj’s ability to confound; pose difficult questions and dominate her rivals. She is known to throw challenges and her ability to rewrite rules in the hip-hop male-dominated scene is an open secret.

Her success in the hip-hop market reflects her power to overcome male and pseudo-feminist domination. Moreover, the singer never seems to run away from her responsibilities that her power brings with it.

She did not hesitate to confront the uncomfortable question of black-white racism and when asked as to why she responded rudely at the VMA Awards, she retorted about Cyrus, ‘The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some balls’, and then went on to explain her stand on the issue of racism in the music industry.

Selena Gomez Admitted to Undergoing Therapy to Get Over Body Shaming Insults

Selena Gomez, the actress-turned-pop star, admitted to undergoing therapy to overcome the pain of being at the receiving end of body shaming insults.

She said that wherever she went; walking on the ramp, or on the beach, or on the red carpet, she was the butt of insults regarding her body, especially the ‘weighty’ aspect.

If strangers constantly jeered and called someone fat, it is very likely that the target person would very soon begin to think it was true. This was the situation that Selena Gomez also went through, she claimed in an interview, wherein she said that she struggled hard with these negative feelings.

The ‘Heart Wants What it Wants’ singer told US Weekly, ‘This was the first year I ever dealt with anyone talking about my body’. She added that she would land at an airport and some unknown person from the crowd would yell that she is fat and it was an awful feeling.

The insults and her own insecurities driven by this constant scrutiny by both fans and critics got so bad that she had to consult a professional to help her handle her emotions. This, she claimed, helped a lot and she found the courage to accept herself the way she was and that is when she did not hesitate to pose in the nude for ‘Revival’, her new album’s cover.

She further added that after therapy, even if she has put on weight she is OK with it and now she has accepted herself the way she is. Reflecting her new found confidence, she posted an Instagram picture in a swimsuit with the caption, ‘I love being happy with me yall’.

The confidence is seen not only on the cover of her new album, which features the hit number ‘Good For You’, but also in her songs. In some of the songs in the ‘Revival’ album, she has written about these ‘fat-shaming’ comments that she had endured and put up with.

She said that with each year she is becoming more aware of herself and who she actually is. She added that she feels more confident and free and she will not hide in her room and feel depressed by the comments of others.

This is great news not only for the actress-singer but also for her fans who adore any star unafraid to admit that he/she needs help when they are going through a difficult phase.

Superstar Rajinikanth Plans to go the Amitabh Way with His Next Movie Kabali

Before you get into knowing more about ‘Kabali’, it is important to be ready to face the inevitable change. Superstar image has consumed Rajinikanth and the actor opines that it’s time to come out of it.

It has been far too many years and even though it is unclear whether the audience likes to see Rajini in something different or not, directors and distributors are definitely not going to change things. Because of this common issue that has prevailed for over a decade, it looks he is going to break his stardom for the first time and go back to the times of ‘Aarilirindhu Aruvathu Varai’.

One of the most significant changes that fans and audience can expect to see in Kabali is Rajinikanth’s role. It is going to portray him as an old man which is true in real life, but was never showcased on screen, even in his last venture ‘Linga’. It has always been fake makeups with wigs and romancing the heroine at 60 a la Sivaji.

Rajinikanth is going to be really daring this time around to break the image circle that has enveloped him for many years. Kabali is going to be his wagon which is why he skipped every popular director like Vasu and Ravikumar to go with someone who’s too new for the industry. Ranjith can hardly be considered a real director except for his movie ‘Madras’, but the superstar believes in this youth to help him play roles like Amitabh.

Amitabh Bachchan in Bollywood has already played such old age roles and enjoyed immense success in movies like Shamitabh, Sarkar. In the role of a don, Rajini will look different and aged. Besides, he’s also going to get rid of the commercial formula with songs and fights.

Earlier, the team planned to shoot majority of the movie in Malaysia, but due to security constraints they are going to do it in Chennai as well with sets. The team is going to Malaysia for the first schedule and film important portions before taking care of the rest of the plot here. Besides, Rajinikanth also plays the father of two kids in their 20’s in Kabali.

It is another makeover for the actor after Annamalai to play such a mature and strong character, in terms of looks and age. If they have a powerful script as promised, Kabali will probably recreate to become the cult hit Baasha that both the fans and Rajini have been expecting for over 10 years now.

5 Important Things to Take Note of When Buying Car Insurance

People are usually skeptical when buying car insurance because there are too many technical jargons to understand. Even after going through them all, most end up buying the wrong coverage that doesn’t come to their rescue in times of crisis.

Instead of understanding them all, you can consider knowing the five basic and most important things before applying for a coverage.

Premium and Deductible

These are the very basics that matter the most. Obviously, the premium is the sum you pay to the car insurance company to offer you their services and coverage. The entire amount will be split into monthly or quarterly so that it is easy to pay it. Paying upfront will get you good discounts, but you may have to negotiate it with the company. The deductible is the sum that you have to pay to repair your vehicle in case of an accident. If you can’t pay higher deductibles when an incident occurs, it is better to increase the premium than face unexpected expenses when you are out of cash.

Limits on Liability

Not all car insurances are the same because every company will have different limits on liability. Most companies have the policy of paying 25-50-25 which denotes that they will pay $25k for an injured person, $50,000 for the damaged vehicle and the rest $25k is for damages that occur to a property. Based on the type of vehicle you use and expenses it may incur in case of an accident, you can choose to increase your premium to increase the company’s liability.

Type of Insurance you choose

There are different types of insurances that you can go for. Liability insurance and collision coverage is the most popular of them all. Liability is helpful if you are still learning the nuances of driving. In case of damage to another vehicle, property or person, the company will pay them on your behalf. The laws will vary from one state to another. Collision coverage is helpful where the company will pay to help you repair your vehicle in case of an accident. The other variants include comprehensive coverage and UMPD.

Personal Injury Protection

While there are multiple types of injury coverage offered by the car insurance company, personal injury protection matters a lot. PIP makes it easy to cover medical costs for the driver as well as the other passengers in the car. It even covers a pedestrian if they accidentally get involved in the collision and get hurt so that you don’t have to pay anything out of your pocket.


Depreciation is an important aspect that companies don’t elaborate, but something you should know in depth. If you have been using your car for a long time, you may not be able to make huge claims as its value depreciates over time. In such scenarios, ensure that you either reduce your premium or consider replacing your old car with a new one so as to make proper claims from the car insurance company.

David Beckham and Victoria Heading for a Split? Removal of Marriage Tattoos Fuels Rumors

David and Victoria Beckham are heading for an imminent split, if rumors are to be believed. The fact that Victoria Beckham has started erasing her marriage tattoos is fueling the rumors to no end.

Living under the spotlight, always, is bound to create stress between couples, especially those like the Beckhams who are constantly under the glare of the media, which monitors their every moment. After a long 16 years of togetherness, the celebrity couple may be hitting the road to splitsville as the unhappy pair attended charity functions in different continents recently.

The fashion designer was not her happy self when she gave her speech at the Fashion 4 Development’s fifth annual official first Ladies luncheon in NYC. Similarly, her soccer-legend husband appeared to put up a brave front as he walked in at the Pride of Britain awards ceremony in London.

Daily Mail reported that the couple’s marriage is going through a rocky patch because they are continuously arguing and quarrelling with each other. The primary reason for the conflict seems to be whether to keep their family based out of London or Los Angeles.

A source told the news website, ‘Any marriage takes work and when you’ve been together for as long as David and Victoria have and you’re living your life under the public microscope, there are always testing times’.

Victoria is seemingly distraught with her life and is looking very thin. Her weight loss is very suggestive as it is known that she always loses weight when her relationship with David Beckham goes through rough patches. Adding fuel to these splitting rumors is the fact that Victoria is in the process of removing her marriage tattoo which says, ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’ in Hebrew. Her recent photo wherein this tattoo is appearing noticeably lighter is also very suggestive.

According to OK Magazine, an inside source reported that the celebrity had a huge showdown recently in Victoria Beckham’s Dover Street boutique. Earlier too, the gap between the two was growing, primarily driven by the stresses and pressures of their separate business ventures. Additionally, their non-stop travelling routine is eating away their ‘together’ time.

The source added that tension is mounting between David and Victoria Beckham. While she is stressed out and fatigued from working very hard, David is more relaxed as he is now retired. Their fights are seemingly monumental with cuss words thrown at each other. However, their four children, Brooklyn 16, Romeo, 13, Cruz, 10 and Harper, 4 are keeping their family bonds strong, added the source.

While the star couple has been in the ‘divorce’ rumor section earlier too, this time the erasing of marriage tattoos that symbolize their mutual love could fan the wild rumors of an imminent split between one of the most-loved celebrity couples of modern times.

Katy Perry and John Mayer Engage in a Public Display of Affection at a Friend’s Wedding

Katy Perry and John Mayer engaged in a public display of affection at a friend’s wedding. The pair presented a romantic picture as they locked hands while witnessing the wedding ceremony of Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen.

The ‘Fireworks’ hitmaker and ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ singer first started dating in June 2012 (soon after Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand) and their first breakup was reported in August of the same year. However, they reunited within two weeks of that first fight. According to Radaronline, the reason attributed for the split was that Katy Perry had a very busy schedule and Mayer was pushed down on the priority list.

They broke up with each other in February 2014 after being together for many months. But early this year, the couple was seen together on a double date with Ricky Van Veen and Allison Williams. They were again spotted together at the farewell concerts for the Grateful Dead in Chicago.

The last break-up of the celebrity couple happened in mid-July with no apparent reason given. However, it was known that this couple always made up with each other time and again.

The wedding ceremony at Wyoming was that of Allison Williams, Girls’ star and Ricky Van Veen, founder of College Humor. Other celebrities who attended the wedding included Andy Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Lena Dunham and Tom Hanks with wife Rita Wilson, reported E!News. Jemima Kirke, Girls’ co-star and Mindy Kaling were also present at the wedding.

Katy Perry and John Mayer looked happy as they held hands and sat next to each other in the guests’ section.

John Mayer and Katy Perry are reportedly holding a long-time grudge against Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. The ‘Teenage Girl’ singer purportedly insulted John Mayer in her number ‘Dear John’ and in retaliation John Mayer released his own song ‘Paper Doll’ referring to Taylor Swift.

However, John Mayer denied that his song was in reference to Swift, reported nemesis of his girlfriend, Katy Perry. He said to usmagazine.com, ‘I never said anything about it, but now I just go, ‘Look I can say the name Taylor Swift. She’s an artist. I’m an artist. Let’s just everybody stop’.

Taylor Swift Denies Rumors on Marriage Plans with Calvin Harris: Takes to Twitter to Clarify

Taylor Swift took to Twitter to vehemently deny rumors regarding her marriage plans with beau Calvin Harris. She also denied grapevine news regarding purchasing of real estate anywhere.

The ‘Bad Blood’ singer responded to rumors on social media with regard to her marriage plans with her Scottish DJ beau, Calvin Harris by out rightly denying them. The 25-year-old singer tweeted, ‘What the press says I’m doing: Buying a Bev Hills mansion, getting married in an English castle. What I’m doing: Playing a show in St. Louis’.

According to Variety, Taylor Swift has reportedly purchased a Samuel Goldwyn estate in Beverley Hills for $25 million. The 2-acre property includes a mansion of 11,000 square feet with five bathrooms, six bedrooms, a 2-room guest section, swimming pool, a sunken tennis court and other amenities.

Taylor Swift has been the subject of real estate rumors earlier too. Last month, rumors were rife in the social media that the ‘Shake it Off’ singer was keen on buying a Scottish castle close to her boyfriend, Calvin Harris’ home in Scotland. This news was also denied by the singer-songwriter via Twitter.

Tabloids were also reporting that the ‘Prism’ crooner’s boyfriend, Harris, was seen looking for engagement rings and the couple was planning to have a $2 million English wedding bash, according to Entertainment Tonight.

For some time now, marriage rumors were doing the rounds in the celebrity social media and in July, Harris addressed these rumors as false during an interview with KISS FM, the UK radio station. During the course of that interview Harris had denied rumors of marriage or even moving in with Taylor Swift. However, the Scottish DJ added that he is quite willing to ride the media circus if it meant being with his sweetheart.

‘It’s interesting because obviously there’s different things written about it every day and even if we don’t do anything publicly for a while, someone will make up something,’ Harris said. However, for him, since he is insanely happy with her, these rumors do not really matter much, he added.

Harris and Swift started dating each other earlier this year and ever since the couple has been spotted together enjoying themselves and with other friends like Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid. Taylor Swift is presently busy on her 1989 World Tour. After finishing her US performances, the singer is moving to Canada and then to Asia by the end of the year.