2022 Mazda MX-30 EV is all set for a launch in the US this fall

2022 Mazda MX-30 EV

Mazda brings crucial timing details regarding pure EV and rotary range extender edition

It’s now official that the 2022 Mazda MX-30 EV is going to reach the United States, as Mazda North America has confirmed about the same through the official introduction. However, it’s going to be available explicitly in California this fall, prior to reaching other markets. Mazda spokesperson has confirmed that the car will be available in other states in 2022. The national rollout of the car is going to start “over the coming years”, and more states will be added as per the customer demand.

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Earlier, the rotary range extender edition was confirmed for the United States, though there was no detail regarding timing. The plug-in hybrid edition of MX-30 is going to enter as a 2023 model in the upcoming year. There will be a rotary generator to charge the battery providing power to the vehicle’s electric motor.

According to Jeff Guyton, the Mazda North America unit president, the rotary generator will bring their flagship rotary powertrain technology back. The distinguishing part about the technology is that it is being developed for an almost sound-free functioning. Moreover, it is going to refill the battery instead of driving the wheels. It means the MX-30 will have the leeway of getting charged while being on the way itself.

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Guyton claims that Mazda is getting ready for the swiftly transforming market of the United States, through a multidimensional electrification approach. He further adds that the MX-30 powered by the battery will initiate the process of introducing extra electrified models, which includes a line-up of a plug-in hybrid including a rotary generator for MX-30, one plug-in hybrid for their latest mega platform, and a regular hybrid for the latest made-in-America crossover. Making the fans excited, Guyton has confirmed that the fans of Mazda can be hopeful of an incredible driving experience enriched with a captivating design for all the models.

Though Mazda has been tight-lipped about the public charging services in the United States at present, it is confirmed that a partnership between ChargePoint and Mazda is on. More details on it can only be expected during the market launch.


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2021 Toyota Fortuner Gets Three New Variants, Facelifted Edition Unveiled

Being a grand and more of an affordable large SUV for the masses, the 2021 Toyota Fortuner has hit all the right chords with their newest innovation.

Instead of making any major changes, the company has instead choose to keep things familiar yet unique in its own way. Besides, having three different variants including a diesel car that you could purchase opens the horizons for many buyers.

The facelifted edition of the Fortuner has been unveiled in Malaysia where the petrol powered variant will sell for RM 172,244. The style quotient of the car remains largely untouched as the variant spotted in Thailand earlier. The grille radiator on the front is much more muscular and beefy than it has ever been combined with dual LED headlamps. The daytime running lights are positioned lower for better vision in brightly lit conditions.

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Among the models revealed by the company, the 2.8 VRZ edition has  a sportier look. The company refers to it as the Legender design which has the LED lights and DRLs arranged in such a way that they resemble an angry look. While the Toyota Fortuner is definitely not a compact or a subtle car by any means, the aggressive approach further makes it less appealing to the family crowd. Unless you are a big fan of long drive and need massive interior space, this could be for the unique buyers who love its aggression at every corner.

Revamped Design for the Facelifted Edition

The car is now equipped with 18-inch large wheels as the standard solution on all variants irrespective of the one you choose. The VRZ edition however stands unique because of the dual tone color finish being offered in it. There are plenty of new and interesting colors to choose from including a metallic finish on all of them including the phantom brown, silver and medium silver. The attitude black mica may have a dark appeal to it and ideally suits those who are interested in it.

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Buyers opting for the VRZ can also choose to customize the roof with an all black panel if they prefer it to be. The dashboard looks nearly the same as the outgoing model. The equipment list is rather large but a quick overview should include the UMWT VTS, electrochromic rear view mirror and an ambient lighting system to set the mood inside the car.

The 2021 Toyota Fortuner is powered by a 2.7-liter four cylinder petrol engine capable of producing 166PS and 245NM. The 2WD and 4WD options are being provided based on buyer’s personal interest. The top speed is up to 100kmpl but for such a large car, it should be more than enough.

2022 Audi A8 is a Maybach Rival, Mid-Life Facelift Features Listed

The camouflaged prototype edition of the 2022 Audi A8 will replace the existing 2019 model next year and duly with enough new features.

Preparing a mid-life facelift for any vehicle is a difficult job because it may not be completely next gen but should be good enough for the pricing changes. The 2022 Audi A8 is expected to give the right touches if we are to go by the spy shots revealed by the company.

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While it is being rumored that the newest version of the A8 could be revealed towards late 2021, it will most probably get launched next year in order to give enough time for the tweaks to be made. Compared to the many other models from the Audi stable, this particular variant doesn’t top the charts and it is not going to suddenly be extremely popular. However, if it is priced right with all new interior, slightly improved engine and design, it could probably attract some new buyers when it officially gets launched.

Based on the camouflaged prototype available in the spy shots, the manufacturer is going for a renewed headlight design combined with new taillights. We could make out these basic things from the spy shots but everything else is mostly based on guessing done through rumors, their statement and what longtime auto brand followers have to say about.

Updated Interiors

It is a given that the 2022 edition of Audi A8 will be a direct rival of the Maybach series and when they do so, an obvious upgrade lies in the interior of the car. The vehicle is expected to feature a completely revamped infotainment system which plays well with both iOS and Android devices. Based on the information available, it is rumored that the dashboard may probably feature a curved display that is as large as a tablet and allows users to do more than just use it for mapping their drive.

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Under the hood, the car may feature a V6, V8 or even a V-12 engine on the high-end variant. Having a V-6 engine with plug-in hybrid technology should make the car more future proof. On paper, the current V8 model can deliver about 563 horsepower with its 4.0-liter turbocharged engine. Audi in 2019 also hinted that they might probably bring in a luxury variant of the A8 to cater to the elite crowd and by doing so, they will also be competing directly against the Ghost from Rolls Royce while Maybach S-Class will also be a direct competitor for the same.

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Tesla Model X 2021 Edition Launched, Facelifted Interior Combined with 1,006bhp

Tesla has never shied away from improving the performance of their existing vehicles and drastically changing the way they work.

Having an entirely new interior further makes the Model X more futuristic for the 2021 edition and a great purchase for anyone who wants to go completely electric in this generation.

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The automobile brand has been slow but steady in unveiling new software updates, features for all their cars including the Model 3, Model S and the Model X SUV variant. The newest addition is the inclusion of the Plaid model which was found in the Model S so far. It significantly improves the performance of the SUV and allows it to generate about 1,006bhp, making it one of the most powerful, feature-rich and a reliable electric car on the road. And, it should be added that this is obviously a car designed for additional headphone.

New Flagship Variant Unveiled for 2021

Tesla considers the 2021 edition of the Model X to be their flagship at present because there will obviously be another upgrade for the Model S in the near future. The performance level trimline will be available in UK by 2022. The newer car is being built on the same platform and is equipped with a three-motor Plaid powertrain that produces the said horsepower. It is much faster than ever because the large vehicle can easily go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. The overall mile range of the car has also been improved in this platform as it goes up to 340 miles on a single charge.

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For people who are concerned about how fast it can go, the top speed is equally impressive as it is pegged at 163 miles per hour. The interior has been completely revamped to make it much more sophisticated than the existing Model X variant. The car is now equipped with 22-inch alloy wheels and a revamped diffuser as well as some tweaks on the body to reduce drag levels when cruising at top speed.

The dashboard features a 17-inch infotainment system with four spots for wireless charging and rear seat passengers get their own displays to watch movies on the go. The Tesla Model X 2021 variant costs 110,980 GBP and features an upgraded battery infrastructure.

A less expensive variant Model X Long Range is also being sold for 90,980 GBP which is slower in performance but delivers exceptional mile range of 360 miles and the same set of features.

Head of BMW M Division Confirms EV Model is Coming in 2021

By now, it is a known fact that major automobile manufacturers are working on electric cars of the future.

An official word can be considered with more strength than having to dwell on rumors. In 2021, a BMW M series electric car is coming to the stores, confirmed by the head of the department and it won’t be long before we have lots of BMW cars being considered as electric vehicles.

In his own words, Markus Flasch said that he is quite eager and is looking forward to launching the first fully electric-powered performance automobile for the first time in BMW history. While there has been plenty of experimental models in the past, the time has never been favorable of EVs until now. With all major countries of the world focusing on reduced emission, it looks like BMW will making their presence felt sooner than expected. It is said to be the BMW i4 electric sedan which is scheduled for launch in 2021 and luckily we are already in the first half of the year.

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The automobile brand has some great expectations to meet especially when they are selling a car with an M-badge. The 2021 M3 and M4 are the confirmed models that will be unveiled in the following months but being a performance variant is no easy task when running purely on an electric motor. The transition is going to be slow and steady over the period of the next five years.

BMW Working on EVs to Rival Tesla

Tesla being the benchmark for electric cars of today launched their affordable Model 3. BMW has confirmed they are working on a rival which will be delivered with 523bhp combined with a maximum range of 370 miles on a single charge. The car will be performance-driven as it can reach 62 miles per hour in just 4 seconds with a top speed of 125mph making it an easy choice for anyone who would expect similar performance as a gasoline-powered vehicle.

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M Performance variant from BMW will be on par with Model 3 and being such a prestigious brand, they are supposed to deliver something better than a newcomer. In their multiple statements and the rumors we came across, it looks like they are planning to retain the M Performance badge but call it the M Lite for the EV that is about to get launched in 2021. The performance should be on par with the X5 M SUV and the M2 CS Coupe which continues to be a crowd favorite for a long time now.

2021 Updates Roll Out for Bentley Bentayga Hybrid Luxury PHEV SUV

Embarking on an electric journey, the 2021 updates rolled out for the Bentley Bentayga makes it quite interesting.

The car has received yet again the plug-in hybrid option along with a new look and modified build making it an exciting new car to look forward to buy.

According to their official statement, the Bentayga Hybrid is expected to be the top selling variant in their luxury SUV segment. Besides, anyone who wishes to join the electric bandwagon but have a strong foot on the conventional petrol engine, things couldn’t get better than this. There are two different products being offered in Crewe in 2021 and both of them happens to be plug-in hybrid variants.

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To keep things simple, the brand choose to launch the conventional version of the car first before taking an entire year to talk about the hybrid variant. It makes it easier for most buyers to plan their budget and also choose whether they are interested in going the hybrid route this time. The series of updates include better technologies on the inside, luxury interior and styling for the car.

Improved Design and Features

By the year 2026, it is strongly believed that Bentley will be out with a series of electric cars and plug-in hybrid models. With multiple cars in the PHEV segment, there will be little room for the normal cars to exist and that is the plan that most automobile manufacturers plan to follow. In terms of design, the hybrid variant will have a larger grille setup combined with LED Matrix headlights and wider wings for a more aggressive look.

The infotainment system is as packed as it could be because of the large 10.9-inch display with a higher resolution. It should significantly increase the sharpness of the text while it also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto making it easier to connect your smartphones.

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The latest version further supports SIM card by default for connectivity and has USB-C ports, wireless charging which makes any trip a breezy experience. Under the hood, the car is powered by a 3.0-liter turbocharged petrol deliver 443bhp while the electric motor delivers 126bhp. Equipped with a 17.6 kilowatt lithium battery, the car’s  electric motor can be used for up to 31 miles. Like many other hybrid editions this is purely for the PHEV concept but cannot be used in the long run for longer journeys. The 2021 Bentley Bentayga Hybrid is expected to be priced at 130,500 GBP.

Apple Car Aims to be a Possibility by 2024, An All EV Autonomous Vehicle

Apple surprised everyone in the technology industry by manufacturing their own chipset in 2020. They are possibly going to surprise the automobile industry if they manage to actually launch an electric vehicle by 2024.

But, the company is planning to go really big because they are planning to make a fully autonomous vehicle if rumors are to be believed.

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Being a trillion dollar company in the world is no easy task because investors expect them to make the best big move. While Apple has already stepped into multiple areas in technology, the automobile industry is fairly new. Besides, the stream of electric cars is something people are not familiar with and Tesla is possibly the only new player. Major brands like Volkswagen or BMW are relatively new to this tech-driven car manufacturing which is what bringing in other brands from a completely different zone into this industry.

Production Rumors in 2024

According to insider sources or we could rather call them rumors, Apple will begin production of these fully autonomous, electric cars from 2024 onwards. With major automobile brands focusing on a possible 2025 launch for their new range of electric cars, it seems Apple is following the same route. They are looking forward to bring in their models along with others so that they can compete on a balanced market rather than being too early or too late to the party.

In the past, they have already managed to acquire a company that was failing but was also trying to build a self-driving vehicle. Fully autonomous is a dream for most companies because of the endless list of issues associated with it. However, if a technology giant like Apple would make the step and build a car, they could possibly overcome a lot of issues that Tesla and other manufacturers face currently.

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When Elon Musk came to know of their plans, he openly commented on Twitter about their research work. The brand is working on a monocell battery which will allow cars to cover longer distances without being bulky in design. He further added that Tesla has already implemented something similar in their smaller cars being built in China.

Musk further added that Apple approached to purchase his Tesla brand back in 2013 but the plans didn’t reach its final stages. It seems he is still interested in the prospect especially because of the fact that their EVs are far more sophisticated and ready to be upgraded when Apple could support the R&D with their financial prowess.

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition First Drive – Lighter, Faster and Unique

The 2021 Honda Civic Type R is definitely lighter than its predecessor and if you were looking for the best driving experience, you couldn’t go wrong with this one.

The Civic range of vehicles has always been a runaway success for the brand and they are now bringing in the 10th generation variant for the car.

As it is going to go away from production once the 11th generation kicks in, a limited-edition Civic Type R has been introduced. The car is all yellow similar to the kind of color tone you would find in a Lamborghini model. But, being a Honda vehicle has its own advantages because it is far more affordable than a Lambo and can easily deliver an excellent driving experience especially on sharp turns. That is something we managed to accumulate through our first drive experience.

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The total performance capability of the vehicle is much higher as it can go all the way up to 306 horsepower while the gear shift is smoother and easier to access. Even new users who are completely naïve to the Honda way of building gearboxes will be able to get it at the first go. It is as simple as that and is easier to control using the front-drive system.

Performance and Control is Top Notch

Going into the 2021 Honda Civic Type R, some may wonder if they should wait for the 11th generation editions to come out. The limited-edition model has been fine-tuned to its best that you really don’t have to wait for another first-generation car. The back pedals are very responsive, controls it even at top speed and even if you are going to use it roughly, it works wonders which is not an easy level to achieve in a front-drive car.

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The Limited Edition is all about removing the majority of the weight of the Civic and Honda engineers have managed to accomplish it at their level best. The steering is far more responsive than you can drive past even tight curves. The shock absorbers have excellent repellant capacities that you could depend on which should allow the driver to increase the speed in corners rather than decrease it. This should theoretically allow us to get better fuel efficiency in the long run.

Only 600 2021 Honda Civic Type R yellow editions will be built. They are set to sell for $43,995 and the color is being marked as Phoenix Yellow, a cool name for the color variant that should be the primary choice for most buyers.

2021 Mercedes Benz GLA Malaysian Launch Reveals GLA200, GLA250 AMG Edition

Amidst a slew of launches that includes many hybrids from major brands, the 2021 Mercedes Benz GLA editions have found their way to the Malaysian market.

The list includes AMD editions and has been improved from the outgoing editions as they are now mounted on the Modular Front Architecture, also known as MFA.

Buyers living in the country should definitely make up their mind and buy the 2020 edition as they could save a massive amount in discounted pricing. The SST or the Sales, Service Tax in Malaysia always add up to the majority of the car’s actual cost. However, anyone planning to buy it immediately will be able to benefit by cutting off 50% of the total costs from this SST pricing. The GLA 250 AMG edition could possibly be a dream come true for many which retail for RM 285,337 while the GLA 200 progressive line is slightly more affordable, priced at RM 244,200.

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With at least a month to go before the pricing increases on the 1st of February, you will be paying 10,000RM more or so based on the model of your choice. The discount available right now will be provided after the deadline is over. The GLA 200 is an easier reach for any which is powered by a 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. The powertrain is capable of delivering about 163PS at 5,500 rpm. The engine has been mated with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The top speed is at 210 kilometers per hour while it can reach 100kmph in just 8.7 seconds, making it an all-rounder edition.

Design Changes

The front has an aggressive design as expected as it features a much larger grille than the outgoing model. The LED headlights are less aggressive yet the full lights combined with a larger bumper provide an overall striking look to the car. The AMD edition of the 2021 Mercedes Benz GLA focuses on being more sportier yet has a luxurious finish to it.

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The GLA 200 has an 18-inch split alloy while the GLA 250 has a larger 19-inch split alloy design. Comparing both these models doesn’t do justice to the fact that AMG is involved in making the second variant more potent and a worthy addition to the asking price. While these timely offers are great, most buyers may consider waiting for another month to see if any equivalent competitor joins the race.

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2021 Hyundai Elantra is Now Out, 7th Gen Variant with 1.6L IVT Engine

With the automotive race heating up, everybody is getting ready for 2021 with loads of new cars to look forward to.

The 2021 Hyundai Elantra is yet another newest launch to look into because it is now available in Malaysia and is powered by a 1.6L IVT engine. The car’s variant was spotted in South Korea and is expected to be available in multiple countries in due time.

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For people interested in buying it, obviously you should be living in the country to own one or wait for the launch in your own region. The price conversions cannot be done directly but it is priced at RM 158,888 in Malaysia. The pricing doesn’t include insurance costs and any other additional charges that are often associated with a car purchase before it hits the road. Besides, in terms of design and aesthetic finish, the 2021 Hyundai Elantra has definitely blown the roof by being one of the sleekest models that you would be inclined to buy next year.

Hyundai has always been associated with practical designs because they are not the ones to compete with luxury brands. Besides, the automaker has often been at the edge when it comes to delivering the best every time without compromising on nearly everything. It is known that they are not going to win any awards yet the design is perfect this time around combined with an innovative yet easy to accept design language with the Elantra.

Powertrain and Specs Details

Inside the bonnet, the sharp and sleek Hyundai Elantra is powered by a 1.6-liter engine that can deliver about 123PS power at its maximum level of 6,300rpm. The powertrain is paired with a dual VT DOHC unit and the best part is that the Intelligent Variable Transmission or IVT from Hyundai has come a long way since its inception. The transmission system’s latest variant promises to be a great solution and an alternative to the CVT technology.

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For buyers who are keen on knowing its mileage, the car is said to deliver 100 kilometers on 5.6-liters of petrol. The acceleration capability is at 10.4 seconds to go from zero to 100 kmph while the top speed can go all the way up to 196 kilometers per hour.

The interior has equally been revamped to feel like a cocoon with an immersive design and the dashboard provides all the information the driver, as well as the passengers, would need. The 2021 Hyundai Elantra has a large 10.25-inch LCD display along with dozens of safety measures one would expect.

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2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is Underway, Spotted without Camouflage

Big brands are busy working on the next generation electric cars and we know evidently that they are close to a launch date. The 2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is yet another model in the making.

Surprisingly, the car was spotted in Munich and it had no kind of camouflage on top of it. Anyone walking by could easily make out the design elements, the interior and overall look that BMW is trying to achieve this time around.

Based on what we already know, BMW is planning to offer two different choices for the iX variant. If you are someone who wants the best speed and performance from your vehicle, the possible option is to go for the Sport Package. As with most other cars in the same segment, this particular variant will focus on the best speed, acceleration and provide an overall performance boost to the vehicle. For everyone else, the option available is the BMW Individual Exterior Line Titanium Bronze edition.

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Being an exclusive edition, it makes it easier to buy for anyone who is fascinated by the color option provided. The particular color palette is unique and stands out from the rest. The other color choices that you could buy include the Cashmere Silver metallic and the Aventurine Red II, with both being on the vibrant side. The car being spotted in the wild in Munich further adds to its impressive exterior design include the kidney grille frontline combined with a wheelbase which is the same as the X7.

Borrowing from Popular Models

The 2022 BMW iX Electric SAV is possibly one among the very few new entrants to the race. The automobile manufacturer is keen on making it the best which is why they have been borrowing all the design aesthetics from multiple cars. It starts with the X7 wheelbase while the kidney grille is once again a known asset for BMW and the height of the car is similar to the X6. The exterior dimensions even though not officially available for us in a specs sheet, is similar to the X5.

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The grille that not many people are fond of at this point of time will be found in iNext and iX designs from BMW, as confirmed by Kai Langer chief designer at the automaker’s stable. The car is mounted on the 5th generation BMW eDrive platform which allows enough space for two electric motors, large battery and a fast charging technology that makes EVs more palpable. The speculated pricing starts at $70,000 and can go all the way up to $100.


2021 Toyota Camry Stylized Upgrades and Gets Tweaked on the Inside

A quick glance at the 2021 Toyota Camry and many buyers would be inclined to check it out to know more.

The design aesthetics have been completely revamped which would grab the attention of anyone looking for a hybrid vehicle that doesn’t compromise on the luxury quotient. Besides, the Camry lineup has been around for some time now and is available only as a hybrid which is now getting a huge facelift.

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Within just two years since the last model found its way to stores, the 2021 edition of the Camry has received significant tweaks on the inside. The newest edition is confirmed to go on sale in early spring next year but pricing and other information are not confirmed at this point in time. In terms of design, the car is more of a Corolla but the subtle changes that make it easier to identify as the hybrid continues to be retained. The reveal has been done in the UK and a similar set of changes are scheduled to be done in the car in the US, Europe and other regions as well.

On the interior choice of modifications, the is now equipped with luxurious black leather upholstery. They have also used traces of wood materials combined with titanium, making it the most luxurious and visually stunning interior in a hybrid vehicle. While many other automobile manufacturers focus on increasing mile range and delivering more horsepower, a car that is dedicated to its design and comfort would definitely find a definitive set of audiences willing to give it a try.

Increasing Pricing along with Design Improvements

With a series of changes being made to the interior and the exterior, obviously, a price increase was expected. However, it is not too high and will not alienate existing customers as it will be slightly more than the current model. The pricing will vary based on the trimline that you choose as it is being made available in Design and Excel trims with prices starting approximately at 32,000 GBP. Based on the additional accessories that the buyer opts for when purchasing the 2021 Toyota Camry hybrid car.

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The touchscreen infotainment system is larger with a 9-inch display. The alloy wheels now used in the car are now available in 17 and 18-inch size variants. The bumper and grille have been modified to resemble the Corolla. The infotainment system is now equipped with the latest software version that is far more responsive besides being easy to control, both using touch and using manual buttons available in the dashboard.

2022 Subaru BRZ Delivers More Power without Turbo Powertrain

Every time a refreshed model of the existing car gets launched, people would expect more power. Most automobile brands achieve it by including a turbocharged powertrain but the 2022 Subaru BRZ has delivered the same without having a turbocharger in the engine.

The engineering team seems to have picked this up as a challenge that they would like to pursue and they have managed to accomplish it in the second generation model. This is easily an achievement that should turn heads because being able to deliver improved performance on the same engine keeps production costs lower. Under the bonnet, the car is still powered by the same but improved 2.4-liter flat-4 engine. Compared to the outgoing 2.0-liter flat-4 engine, the improvement is less on paper but it brings in some impressive numbers in the real world.

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While the outgoing Subaru BRZ model had a limited 205 horsepower capacity combined with 156 lb-feet of torque, the 2022 Subaru BRZ goes much higher. It can easily deliver about 228 horsepower combined with 184-pound feet of torque, making it an exciting new addition for users planning to make an upgrade. The powertrain is mated with a six-speed manual and there is an automatic gearbox available as well for those who need it. The included Sport mode allows the owner to comfortably touch top speed while driving the car with an automatic transmission.

Keeping Costs and Performance Balanced

In their statement, the people behind the Subaru BRZ confirmed that while it may not immediately appease demanding enthusiasts, they have to strike a balance. They can easily choose to upgrade the engine but by doing so, it will lead to increased costs. When they improve the engine, the car’s handling should be modified and so does the design which will come under some big changes. Subaru wanted to keep things simple, affordable and familiar with the outgoing model.

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The 2022 Subaru BRZ borrows some design elements from the Toyota car. On the inside, it is efficient and comfortable with a large touchscreen infotainment system. The engineers have also upgraded the traction and stability system. With an 8-inch touchscreen system, it is easier than ever to know what is going on and change climate controls as required.

The car is set for launch later next year and unless we have access to the vehicle as well as the on-road pricing, it may be difficult to judge its value for money. Once we get our hands on the device, we could easily deduce whether Subaru has made the right choice by using a non-turbo engine to boost performance.

2021 BMW 4 Series – Quick Review on What’s Best and What isn’t

For the select few who aren’t keen into reading through long reviews, here is a quick review of the 2021 BMW 4 Series.

Similar to many other products in the same lineup, the car delivers one of the best performance with its powertrain and easy to handle. At the same time, it falls short of innovation on the design elements and is supposed to be many generations older than what is being packed on the inside.

Throughout their launches, BMW has always been a brand that focuses on keeping things as familiar as possible. It is one another reason that forced most automobile brands to retain the gasoline powertrain for years before they slowly make the switch to the electric future. The newly launched BMW 4 Series may be a great addition for people who just want more of the same as its design is pretty much the same as the outgoing model. They have also retained all the performance which should make even the most demanding driver happy.

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The kidney grille which continues to be the important addition in every other BMW car can be spotted in the new 4 Series as well. There are many rumors all around the internet as the company enters a new decade and may probably make some unique changes to it. Everything is still in prototype stages which is why the new car for 2021 continues to have the same grille. The car delivers excellent paddle shifting and the steering feels super smooth that you will fall in love with its response levels.

Performance, Braking and Design!

As we have already went through all the design issues that didn’t really appease the review team, the 2021 BMW 4 Series does deliver in terms of performance. The brakes are exceptionally strong while the tires continue to offer maximum grip on any kind of road. The transmission is equally good that it will ease the person in the driving seat into assuming this is possibly an automated car that could glide through traffic or on a long drive.

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The interior albeit being old continues to get the job done. The infotainment system and dashboard is large but it looks familiar, especially for owners of previous BMW cars. The system is equipped with iDrive, a unique BMW asset that continues to provide gesture control, smooth user interface and lets you do lots of actions including controlling the volume or changing the channels on the radio station. The model 2021 BMW M440i xDrive starts at $59,495 and will go higher based on your region.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Reveals Official Dashboard Power Flow Design: Video

The known brands are working on revamping their car’s design and platforms so as to welcome the new EV changes.

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV is one among the many that will be built on the new BEV2 electric platform. It is an exclusive new design by General Motors which has also revamped the dashboard of the vehicle with something the company calls as the Power Flow design.

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The electric cars are being designed at a rapid pace with some great modifications. The only sad part is that we were able to make out the design only with the pair of silhouette images released by the company. For the first time, with production about to begin in 2021 the brand has revealed how the interior dashboard would look like. They have not only showcased it in a pair of images that is usually the industry norm. Instead, Chevrolet has piqued our interest by revealing it using an actual video.

The New Power Flow Screen

In the video, we can spot that the car makes use of the energy available in an efficient manner. Being an electric vehicle, everything matters because unlike a gasoline vehicle where the battery power is converted, everything is drawn directly from the solo battery setup. The graphics on the dashboard is much more futuristic which will enable users to easily know the activity that is going in the electric motor and the battery. It is similar to how you can view the tasks running on an iOS or Android phone, making automobiles more of computers than they have ever been.

The on-screen buttons are limited yet should easily get the job done. The energy button can be easily spotted as it is marked with a green leaf as found in many gadgets you would use on a daily basis at home. The other physical buttons available on the dashboard includes the home button to reach the main page along with the media and phone button. As the name suggests, they will allow you to access different aspects of the infotainment system and there is a navigation button as well.

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The instrument cluster on the 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV has been modified and physically it is now more impressive with a metallic trim along the sides. The HVAC controls now feature bigger buttons for easier access and the overall color scheme includes black, white with a tough of grey. The Bolt EUV will be an electric car in the affordable range and is expected to support hands free driving at some point of time.

2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV Spotted, Spy Shots Reveal a New Disguise

Ferrari is not the kind of brand people would associate with themselves because of the pricing and performance they aim to achieve.

The trend will continue yet the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue will stand because it will entice most buyers to go for it, if they could afford the exquisite brand. The spy shots revel the new SUV with a new camouflage that we are not used to and as always a couple of things can be spotted from the picture.

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Whenever new prototype of upcoming cars are being tested, it is not easy to spot them in the wild. They are often kept under wraps and even if you manage to spot the new Ferrari SUV, most would consider it to be yet another large car considering the thick disguise. Luckily, the Purosangue has been spotted in wild. The not so surprising factor is that the car was being tested in none other than Maranello which happens to be the home ground for the automobile brand.

Borrowing Design Trends

By taking a quick glance at the design, we could spot some elements despite the strong camouflage used by the manufacturer. The SUV looks a lot like the Maserati Levante while it is surprising to see the team using design from the Porsche Panamera. Besides, this is still a prototype and they could easily swap the bonnet or many other components to reveal a completely new design. Based on the spy shots, it is also possible to deduced that this particular model will pose carbon ceramic brakes and may also have a quad exhaust pipes. Some of the components are often wishful thinking than the ones actually found on the vehicle. They can be confirmed only when the official launch takes place.

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It is not just the disguise that looks completely different in the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue but they have also modified the car’s overall shape. While most SUV models have large ground clearance and a bigger top area, this one has a flat design. The rear legroom is assumed to be much larger but it is yet another guess that we can’t confirm so early in its prototype stage. If there is something to find from this spy shot, it looks like Ferrari and the brand as a whole has managed to keep this completely under wraps for years now.

It is expected to be powered by a V8 engine 3.9-liter variant capable of delivering 650 horsepower but there is no rumors on Ferrari opting for a hybrid variant.

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