Beefed up Hyundai i20 Active Pseudo-SUV to Debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

Rivaling the Volkswagen CrossPolo, the Hyundai i20 Active will have its world premiere during this month’s motor show in Frankfurt.

The i20 Active is a beefed up version of the standard i20 model, and will go on sale at the beginning of next year in Europe, with sales in the US to follow.


Already spotted on test roads, the i20 Active is shorter and wider than most traditional and conventional hatchbacks with five doors. However, the height of the car has been raised slightly to offer better experience. The wheelbase and the platform of the Active are the same as the regular Hyundai i20 version.

Engineers at Hyundai have tweaked the design a little in order to give the hatchback a pseudo SUV look. Some of the new elements are the skid plates added at both the front and the rear of the car, as well as cladding across the wheel arches. Inside, Hyundai has also raised the height of the seats to achieve that pseudo-SUV look.

Initially, Hyundai will offer two engine options for the i20 Active, a 1.4-liter petrol engine with 99hp and a 1.4 diesel engine powered by 89hp. After a while, prospected buyers can expect the new 1.0-liter engine with only three cylinders with 99hp and 119hp. The 99hp engine is the more fuel efficient one, while the potent 120hp engine adds a sporty feeling to the Hyundai i20 Active, all while the fuel consumption stays in low levels.

Pricing is unknown at the moment, but prospective owners can expect the price to be a little higher than the regular five-door hatchback. At the moment, the Hyundai i20 is priced at $16,785.


The i20 Active is the third version in the i20 segment that Hyundai offers to the owners. Aside from the regular i20, Hyundai also offers the i20 Active which is a pseudo-SUV vehicle and the i20 Coupe.

Hyundai will show two other vehicles during the Frankfurt Motor Show. The first one is the Hyundai Santa Fe, a new model with which the Korean company hopes to attract European buyers. Last, but not the least, Hyundai will also show the G Vision concept prototype during the Frankfurt Motor Show. The concept is marketed as Hyundai’s vision for the future in terms of both technology and design.

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