Bentley Continental GT Gets Upgraded, New Black Edition Announced

Bentley Continental GT has been upgraded to a significant performance boost which is now clocked at 633 horsepower.

And, those who love black can rejoice as the company has also announced a new Black Edition.


The car is powered by 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine. It renders 20Nm of torque with the new boosted model raising the total capacity to 840 Nm of torque. The engine is capable of rendering a total of 633 horsepower. The Bentley Continental GT can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. The top speed of the model is 206 miles per hour. With the same engine being boosted, it allows the car to offer a seamless performance and give a comfortable ride for the passengers.

The all-new Black Edition is an exclusive addition being offered by Bentley. With the edition, buyers get a wide range of changes including exterior and interior modifications. There is also an option to purchase it as a coupe or if you are ready to invest more on it, the automobile manufacturer offers a convertible version. As the name suggests, it is a model sporting a glossy black finish. The same colored variant is found on the exterior rim and the brake calipers. However, buyers can choose to change the calipers to red if they choose to.

While going all black is what the edition is all about, Bentley offers a choice to customize the Continental GT Coupe or Convertible as the buyer pleases. There is no option to change the glossy black on the body but all the accessories including side skirts, door mirrors, front splitters and rear diffuser can be modified to contrasting colors. Multiple colors are being offered and a distinct one among them is Cyber Yellow.

The Yellow or a color of your choice can be applied to the seats and the center console as well. It will be applied in the stitching and carbon fiber parts. A glossy black with a yellow finish is definitely something that will make the car look unique than ever giving the exclusivity feel that you desire.


The Black Edition and the improved version of the Bentley Continental GT is scheduled for an official launch this year. Pricing of the model in the UK region is £168,900 while the black edition is priced much higher at £176,900. Bentley has other models scheduled to be announced in the near future.

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