Bentley Launches Mulsanne Grand Limousine at Geneva Expo

Bentley’s Mulsanne Limousine is a popular luxury model which is getting a new variant which is much bigger and better. Named the Mulsanne Grand Limousine, the car is at least three feet longer and 3 inches taller obviously offering better headroom for the passengers and cargo.

The Mulliner division of the brand is a team exclusively designated to creating custom models, interior and exterior designs. The crew just don’t make the usual store friendly cars but always focus on special editions for the elite crowd. While they have been doing a good job so far, Bentley believes that the team is capable of touching more heights and could do more with the resources provided to them. All they need is innovative freedom and time.


Luxurious components adorn the new Mulsanne Grand Limousine and with the additional space available, the engineers have managed to integrate private aviation styled seats in the rear of the car. It also features a new technology named smart glass. The feature allows the passengers to alter the look of the glasses as they please. They can change it from being totally transparent to opaque in a single touch.

CEO of Bentley Motors, Wolfgang Durheimer said, “Our in-house coach builder Mulliner and experts have worked to turn their extraordinary vision into reality. What the Mulliner does is truly unique to the entire automotive industry. They focus on bringing the best of creativity, innovation and quality to the vehicles they make thus setting a new benchmark.”

The crew spent most of their time in customizing the rear cabin of the Mulsanne Grand Limousine where passengers will spend most of their time. A brand new HVAC system has been incorporated into it combined with charging stations for iPods, fold out tables, soft drink cabinet and bottle coolers. Intercom systems are standard in any limousine and this one has it as well making it easy to communicate with the driver without compromising privacy.


It will be made available in two different color variants, silver frost and Moroccan blue. The exclusive edition batch that says, coach built by Mulliner is engraved on it combined with Bentley’s own logo. The powertrain is completely revamped to offer better performance, and the 21-inch wheels are colored according to the color variant of the limousine a buyer picks.

Bentley has come up with a limo worthy of their brand tag and it’s definitely going to be a valuable purchase for those select few who ride it.

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