Bentley Monster is a Special Edition Mulliner Designed Car Made for CES 2016

The brand names might be bit confusion because this CES 2016 special edition car by Bentley is made jointly in collaboration with the wing Mulliner and the audio expert Monster.

Mulliner is the coach building wing of Bentley which works on a completely different set of automobiles. But, the company has come together in association with Monster to create a car specifically for the Consumer Electronics Show. It is not new to see automobile manufacturers teaming up with audio experts to create the most immersive aural experience for the car owners.

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Each company has its own proprietary audio company. Fiat founds its own with Beats, Porsche with Burmester, Audi goes with Bang & Olufsen and the Lexus has their favorite set with Mark Levinson. The Bentley Monster by Mulliner is a special edition vehicle created exclusively for the technology expo. It is a modified version of the Continental GT V8 and is exceptionally stylish in appearance.

The car features a deep black color variant which is aesthetically complimented by red lines all across the front, bottom and the rear. It uses red in the grille and the splitters while black adorns the bonnet, bodykit and the alloy wheels. The same design variant is maintained throughout the vehicle within the car as well.

Black and red combo is found on the custom seats which are made using embroidered leather. The special edition car’s name is reiterated as Monster by Mulliner with embroidered design on the seats. The number plates are etched with the motto of the company that says, ‘always lead, never follow’.

While everything else is fascinating, the best part about the Bentley Monster by Mulliner designed for CES 2016 is the 24K Gold DJ wireless headphone. The peripheral is bundled along with the car and has a special compartment designed in the dashboard to keep it when not in use. The saving grace of the particular headphone is its price tag. It wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg because it’s gold colored variant, but not gold plated.

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Being a Monster car, it’s obvious that they wish to expand its surround sound experience to the core. The vehicle is equipped with a sound system which renders 3,400 watts of power. There’s a V8 engine delivering 520 bhp. The speakers are certified to provide True Monster Sound and this is definitely a car aimed at music lovers who would never settle for less.

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