Bentley Mulsanne First Edition Launched in 2016 Beijing Auto Expo

An exclusive version of the Mulsanne was launched at the 2016 Beijing auto expo by Bentley named the Mulsanne First Edition.

The car is not just limited in numbers but is exceptionally exquisite in looks and finish.

Bentley has been associated with luxury cars for many years and they have proven their mettle one more time. They have confirmed that only fifty models of the First Edition will be built and the numbers are split among the standard Mulsanne, the Speed edition and the extended wheelbase version. This brings down the total number really down making it special and buyers who like to own one may have to be really quick to pre-order them when the slots open.

Bentley Mulsanne first editionThe First Edition features a bespoke Mulliner sterling silver vanity kit developed and designed by Asprey of London. It is inlaid into the picnic table found in the rear. The table is crafted to perfection with diametric overlays, special tread plates combined with the word First Edition manually embroidered onto the seats. The idea is inspired by Union Jack which also includes the flying B logo of the Bentley brand ornamented in the hood. Buyers can choose to add a champagne cooler to the car to party whenever they wish to. It’s not part of the edition but rather an add-on.

Bentley choose to bring the extended wheelbase edition to the 2016 Beijing show. The particular model used a fullbeck veneer finish which was acquired from a walnut tree. The tree is special as it is over 350 years old and offers sophisticated finish. The material will not be used in all the cars but only in a select few and made to order.

Along with the First Edition model, Bentley launched a Bentayga by Mulliner. It is built by the coach building division of the company with exclusive veneers used by the designers. They are inspired by the scenery of a mountain and the company has used 10 different veneers with 30 individual pieces to build it. The mountainscape pictureis what Bentayga calls to be their work of art and once again it is not aimed at those who just want a car to drive but rather for those who value exclusivity.

Bentley Mulsanne Interior

The Bentley Mulsanne first edition is one of the luxurious launches we saw at the Beijing show and it is sure to impress many but very few will have the opportunity to buy this model.

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