Bentley Mulsanne Ready To Embrace Electric Motor In China

The debate is an ongoing one where top automobile manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce among others are still skeptical about adopting an electric motor for their cars.

2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed front

While Audi, BMW, Ford and many more brands which make cars for the average buyer readily embraced hybrids and fully electric vehicles, the big players couldn’t do so. They have obvious reasons as an electric motor is yet to technically advanced so as to deliver increased horsepower. Such performance is synonymous with a Ferrari or Bentley which prevents them from simply jumping into the bandwagon.

After a lot of consideration, the Bentley Mulsanne has finally decided to adopt electric power. The launch however will be limited to China for the moment. The region has become such an important market for Bentley ever since they officially launched the Bentayga SUV. It is an ultra-luxurious SUV and the brand is expanding its line up with the new Mulsanne. The Chinese market is quite a big one and one can hardly say no to it.

If Bentley is keen on selling their cars in the country, they are supposed to agree and abide by the rules set by the government. Electrifying their cars is an important condition which has pushed the company to implement it in the new Mulsanne. Talking to a leading automobile magazine, Hans Holzgartner said, “From what we have seen so far, if we are to get our hybrid vehicles into China, we are supposed to have a full electric model. If there is at least, there is an opportunity to introduce hybrids in the region. This is the reason that pushed us into adopting the new technology.”

The top end cars are always about luxury and offering a comfortable ride for the passengers. Holzgartner commented that when they switch to an all-electric model, the car becomes extremely silent than it has ever been with a low-end torque. It offers the elite experience they have always craved for making it an ideal match for the Bentley brand.

2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed

The only hurdle at the moment is that Sports cars are usually on the expensive side and it is not an easy sell despite the number of buyers in a country like China. They are mounted with huge batteries, many luxurious components and of course, a breathtaking price tag. The brand’s marketing manager said that they faced a lot of challenges with the new Mulsanne EV which was fun for the entire team, as they learned a lot.

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