Bentley Planning to Launch Electric Hybrid Car in 2018

The chief of Bentley, Wolfgang Durheimer confirmed that their company will launch the first plug-in hybrid car in the next two years.

Earlier rumors claimed that Bentayga plug-in will come as soon as the SUV version of the car came out last year.

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Bentley has been long looking forward to launch an electrified version of their popular car. But, before making huge investments to come up with batteries for the cars, they decided to slow down the process until the market turns favorable for plugins and EVs. The automobile industry underwent a rapid change not only to curb emission but also to give customers a brand new way to scale those miles without having to worry about emptying their gasoline tanks.

Sensing the time to be right for launching electrified cars, Bentley’s chief marketing officer and important executives from the team confirmed the company’s future plans. Within two years, they will have at least one hybrid car in stores. It will not only be limited to the Bentayga lineup but is to be expanded to multiple models that Bentley has under its brand.

The automobile manufacturer added that instead of opting for a single car that is purely electrified with a battery, they will focus on adding hybrid powertrains to all the existing models. It allows them to enhance their cars before focusing on something that is still considered futuristic because of mile range and reliability. Cost plays an important role even though Bentley is not known for cheap cars, they are supposed to keep things affordable for their elite crowd.

“When the world is ready to embrace fully electric vehicles, we will come out with a Bentley which runs on battery,” said the company’s boss. The manufacturer is also looking forward to launch their first ever diesel powered car within a year but due to strict rules in multiple regions, the car will be available in specific countries. In other words, it is hardly going to reach majority of the customers due to emission issues on diesel cars and production costs.


Europe is where Bentley aims to launch their diesel cars whereas most other countries are experiencing a dip in oil prices making it easier for them to afford petrol cars. By opting to go with electric vehicles, they aim to satisfy the requirements of every type of buyer – be it someone who seeks sporty, luxury cars and those who like to be always ahead of the technology curve.

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